The Spiritual Energy Crisis

The Spiritual Energy Crisis

“At some point, the body and mind together become fundamentally aware and convinced that the energy by which the body is pervaded is the same as that which illuminates the world and maintains alive all beings.” ~ Joseph Campbell

If we take stock of what is happening on the planet today, it is obvious we are suffering from more than an energy crisis. We’re also suffering from a spiritual energy crisis. It is so dire, so paramount that we overcome this crisis, but many people on this earth haven’t acknowledged that there even is a spiritual energy.

When we look around at natural disasters – floods, droughts that cause famine, earthquakes, hurricanes and even volcanic eruptions most people see these as random acts of nature. Few realize that these events are inextricably linked to energetic patterns which have been created over eons.

The earth has her own chakra system, and it must integrate all energies as we pass through specific points in the solar system, just as we do.

Anyone who has lived through a partial or full kundalini awakening can attest that the personal changes one experiences as they tap into their full energetic powers can be very similar to the catastrophes we witness on a more global scale. As many an ascended being has documented, spiritual energy, when unleashed to its full capacity within a human body can cause:

  • Deep dissatisfaction with life as it is
  • Body aches
  • Extreme cold and heat (drought and freezes)
  • Uncontrollable shaking and jerking (earthquakes)
  • Strange internal noises or sensations such as bugs crawling on you or buzzing in your ears
  • Spontaneous kriyas and body movements
  • Waves of intense pleasure followed by pain
  • Huge emotional shifts, a surge of grief (flooding)
  • Sensory overload wherein lights, sounds, crowds, and even invisible energy seems overwhelming
  • Strange energetic sensations (as qi or prana moves through centers that have long been dormant)

Only after these “earthquakes and floods” within our own energetic systems subside do we finally start to feel calm and grounded with a desire to help others achieve their spiritual fullness. Only then do we experience extrasensory perception and other heightened awareness, perhaps even mastering the ability to stay blissfully calm in the swirling chaos that surrounds us.

We can see these energetic changes happening throughout the entire solar system – and even reiterated through the rising solar flares coming off the sun.

These solar bursts affect every layer of the solar atmosphere. When the plasma is heated to millions of kelvins, the flares produce radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum at all wavelengths. These light frequencies range from radio waves to gamma rays, but most of this immense energy is spread over frequencies outside the visible spectrum to the naked eye.

We are learning how to integrate this energy. Even the awakening of spiritual energy and depression have been called two sides of the same door.

The problem is that there is ample energy – we just haven’t tapped into it. Just like there are already patents for free energy in the hundreds, and possibly even thousands which have been suppressed, the true nature of our spiritual energy has also been suppressed.

The most powerful energetic force in the universe flows through each of us. The bushmen of the Kung tribe have called it the boiling energy, the Hawaiian Kahuna call it Mana. Ancient yogis call it prana and the martial artists and monks of ancient China, Japan, Korea, and Thailand call it Qi, or Ki. Physicist William Tiller has been able to construct instruments that measure this energy which is sometimes transmitted by healers.

The spiritual energy crisis is that we have stayed asleep to this energy, and the ways in which to use it to absolutely revolutionize our world and our personal lives. But we can wake up.

This infinite spiritual energy available to humans is “drained away” by random thought, fantasizing, ceaseless internal chatter, a poor diet, electromagnetic radiation, stress, intentionally created wars and false flag events, intentional chemical poisoning, and more. Vital energy may also be drained away intentionally or unintentionally by other individuals or non-physical entities (inorganic beings), but we are still able to reclaim this energy in its inestimable wisdom and expression.

There are ways to reclaim your spiritual energy, and the Soul Reprogramming Method is one of them. Reclaiming this energy is the secret to developing spiritual gifts, the powers of healing and manifestation, and reaching your life’s purpose and potential.

It is absolutely essential to test and verify the results of all practices and techniques used in training and practice, but once you know they are working, it is your birthright to develop this infinite spiritual power – to  tap into that incredibly vast spiritual energy and use it to transform this planet.

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