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Johanna Bassols

Johanna Bassols is a law graduate and entrepreneur who found her life purpose in the most enlightening way, through a process that she now teaches in her books and classes: the activation of the DNA.

Johanna is the founder of the Healers of the Light, alternative healing academy. She created a unique healing method for reprogramming energetic imbalances, called the Soul Reprogramming Method, and is the author of the series The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness. A three book series: Soul Restructuring, Cellular Activation, and Elevation of Consciousness

After more than 25 years researching in metaphysics, philosophy, healing methods and other applied sciences, she successfully developed a practical path that activated her own DNA and triggered the process elevation of consciousness, a process called Soul Restructuring. As a result, she began remembering information encoded in her DNA and cellular memory, and connecting to higher levels of consciousness.

This is when she developed her signature healing method, The Soul Reprogramming Method, a modality of soul restructuring and reprogramming, to reset and update the entire human operating system by individually balancing each one of the elements that form it. This healing method is applied at long distance through the astral body.

She is an expert in the use of frequency words to trigger mental states and connecting to various frequencies.

She is an advocate for stimulating the activation of the holographic DNA, and elevation of consciousness for healing purposes. She is also an animal and environmental activist. Firm proponent of a plant-based diet as a way of elevating consciousness, program that she developed under the title of the Conscious Diet.

Johanna offers private and group coaching, as well as individual healing therapies applying the Soul Reprogramming Method to find and correct the source of elemental imbalances in all systems, releasing the body and soul from discordant energies, blockages and identifications that could be preventing us from expressing our full potential.


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