How to Recognize Implanted Thoughts

How to Recognize Implanted Thoughts

When a thought enters our perception, no matter what its source is, it becomes our thought. We allow it in our psyche and it starts creating patterns accordingly.

Sometimes, we implant thoughts in ourselves when we want to force us to believe something that could potentially solve a problem.

For example, we could implant in ourselves the thought that doing something the way we do it now is the best thing for us because it justifies another action we are taking. Although something within us, tells us this is not the case.

We could be causing a tremendous damage to ourselves by implanting thoughts that affirm negative patterns or suppress emotions.

If you decide that you are no longer going to talk to your parents because they are bad people, for example, you could be preventing a big realization from happening that will ultimately change your entire perception of them, the world, yourself, and that would take you to a whole new level of consciousness.

Keep in mind that some life experiences are longer than others because we take longer in realizing the true value of such experiences. We hold them and keep them intact in our hearts unable to see their message.

To recognize if your thought about anything is an implanted thought, ask to yourself: Is this thought a true expression of me? Does this thought make me happy? How would I feel without this thought? What would I be doing and how would my life be without it?

Be aware of how you feel during this experience and decide then if your thought can change accordingly.

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