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At Healers of the Light, we have three foundational classes: “Soul Restructuring,” “Cellular Activation,” and “Elevation of Consciousness.” These are all part of the series The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness, which is our spiritual initiation manual.

These courses outline all of the fundamental theory and practice needed to activate your connection with higher consciousness and your purpose, while releasing blockages, emotions, energy imbalances, and other negative elements from the soul and body.

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Foundational Classes



Soul restructuring is the process of releasing blockages, conditioning ideas, harmful beliefs, and energetic imbalances from the soul by dissolving the electromagnetic charge of each process. These blockages prevent you from experiencing true self-awareness; a necessary step to activate higher consciousness and to become aware of your purpose.

In this class, Johanna Bassols, coach and founder of the Healers of the Light ’s Energy Healing Academy, offers a clear path to release these accumulated and active emotions and blockages to heal yourself and activate the process of elevation of consciousness.

Starts November 15th, 2018
Live 6 Week Webinar




What if you could tell your cells that you don’t want to age anymore, that you want to develop the double or triple of the physical strength that you have now, or command it to regenerate itself at a faster pace? That you want to reprogram the genetic conditions, limiting beliefs, and emotions stored in their cellular memory, and to start connecting to higher consciousness?

All this is possible and actually, very simple. If you only took the time to observe the behavior of cells and use that same language to communicate with them you could soon be writing a new story in your cellular memory.


Starts on January 17th, 2019
Online Class
Price $385




What is the difference between two people seeing the same situation in two different perspectives, one as a problem and the other one as a blessing? Or between two people of the same age, but one is looks 10 years younger and the other one 10 years older? Or perhaps between the person who heals himself from an incurable disease and another one who doesn’t even try? The answer is their level of consciousness.

This class shows you the process of elevation of consciousness to gain a sense of direction and belonging to a much larger purpose, than what your immediate circumstances could show at first glance.

Starts on April 11th, 2018
Price $415


Elective Classes - Consciousness

Spirituality in the modern day

How can we live a spiritual life today? Where to start? What do we need to give up in order to receive more? What does it mean to be spiritual and what is the responsibility of the spiritual path? Join me for an hour of enlightenment in this
free class.

FREE | Duration 60 minutes
Online Class. Starts Oct 15th, 2018



Why do spiritual masters always talk about detachment and giving up in the material things, or temptations from the body.

What does this really mean? Do we need to be poor to be spiritual? How can we prepare physically and spiritually for this?

FREE | Duration 60 minutes
Online Class. Starts Sept. 30th, 2018


Intro to DNA Activation 

Learn the powerful effects of DNA activation and how it can help you trace the path back to your origins.

Tap into your life purpose, understanding your true identity, and why the separation from these origins causes suffering and confusion.

$75 | Duration 60 minutes
Live event TBD

Locations TBD
Alternative Healing Academy

Healers of the Light’s main goal is to create and to spread awareness about alternative ways of healing and enhancing our human systems. We offer classes, events, books, and energy healing applications that can help you improve, heal, and expand your abilities to their highest potential.

“Many of the problems and obstacles that we endure in our lives could disappear if we change the way we perceive them. All we need to do is elevate our consciousness”

– Johanna Bassols