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At Healers of the Light,we have online classes especially designed to help you discover and further develop your inner awareness. 

These courses outline all of the fundamental theory and practice needed to activate your connection with higher consciousness and your purpose, while releasing blockages, emotions, energy imbalances, and other negative elements from the soul and body.

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Elevation of Consciousness Series




Soul restructuring is the process of remembering your true essence by experiencing the state of conscious awareness.

This process gives you actionable tools to release false identifications with circumstances and roles, conditioning ideas, harmful beliefs, and energetic imbalances from the soul, which prevent you from experiencing your true identity; a necessary step to activate higher consciousness.


6 Module Class




Learn the art of developing inner communication to reprogram existing patterns in your body and brain functions, behavior, and perception while releasing limitations stored in your cellular memory and connecting to higher consciousness. 

In this class you will be guided through the process of  balancing your energetic elements of water, air, fire, and earth; and also through the Conscious Diet, creating new patterns using food, movement, and breathing techniques.

4 Module Class




In this advanced level class you will learn other important processes that need to be activated after you have experienced soul restructuring and cellular activation in order to continue the path of elevation of consciousness and activating your light body, also known as Merkabah, which is your vehicle for ascension.

This class stimulates your state of awareness from the aspect of perception, changing your perspective to an expansive and unified one.

6 Module Class

*This class starts on October 15th, 2019





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This class contains ten guided meditations and visualizations that help you reestablish your self awareness and disconnect from the awareness of a traumatic experience.

In this class you will learn:

-Breathing techniques, visualizations, best practices to reach the state of awareness during meditation.

-How to create associations with words and sensorial stimuli to trigger the state of awareness.

-How to disconnect from false identifications and limitations created by emotional trauma.

The author, Johanna Bassols, is known for her practical and experiential ways of teaching us how to stimulate our connection to higher consciousness by becoming aware of our true self or original persona.

Online Class

10 Day Program


Como romper tu identificacion con el trauma emocional 654x 595



Durante los próximos diez días, aprenderás a romper tu identificación con traumas emocionales mediante la restauración de tu conciencia original, la naturaleza esencial de lo que tú eres.

En esta clase aprenderás:

-Técnicas de respiración, visualizaciones, mejores prácticas para alcanzar el estado de conciencia presente durante la meditación.

-Cómo crear asociaciones con palabras y estímulos sensoriales para activar el estado de conciencia presente.

-Como desconectarse de las falsas identificaciones y limitaciones creadas por el trauma emocional.

Puedes aplicar estas tecnicas a diario para intensificar tu experiencia de consciencia del ser, desconectarte de identidafes falsas, y desarrollar tu confianza y creatividad.

Clase Online
Programa de 10 dias

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At Healers of the Light, we offer classes, events, books, and energy healing applications that can help you improve, heal, and expand your abilities to their highest potential.

“Many of the problems and obstacles that we endure in our lives could disappear if we change the way we perceive them. All we need to do is elevate our consciousness”

– Johanna Bassols