Classes & Webinars

The Soul Reprogramming Method -Basic

Learn the basic concepts of SRM:

Learn to connect and communicate with your higher beings, how to use a pendulum for the dialog with your higher beings and healing elements, identify your main program or life purpose (who you are and why you are here).

Understand soul programs, identify negative aspects of programs to release them and replace them for positive aspects; improve your health, relationships and behavior by removing negative programming.

Find out and activate your main purpose in life. Reestablish health with DNA activation.

This is a 3 day class. Various locations and dates available.

Cost $750 in person. $555 online live class.

See class description or Register.

The Soul Reprogramming Method -Advanced

Add more depth to your understanding of frequency. Connecting to the frequency of the desired events that you wish to attract.

Complete cellular and memory restructuring to reset and update the cells in all levels, not only physical. Release traumatic memories, limiting beliefs and ideas that block your full potential.

Complete restructuring of the body and brain; remove blockages, discordant energies and integrate your qualities in one superior quality

Students can sign up in advance, before or while still taking the basic class, but must have completed the basic class to be admitted to the advanced classroom.

This is a 3 day class. Various locations and dates available.

Cost $750 in person. $555 online live class.

See class description or Register.

Seed of love Dna activation

To learn this practice, and to receive the activation needed to apply it to others; the student needs to have taken the SRM class, or must be reprogrammed and activated by a consultant.

Once this is completed, the student can sign up for the seed of love DNA activation’s three day class, in which they will receive the activation of the seed of love and will learn the application of light through their hands, eyes, heart and energy field.

In this class the student, will also learn the complementary practices to promote healing, such as specific diets for the most common disease types, as well as the application of additional SRM healing techniques and the practice of the stem cell activation yoga.

Cost: $649, taught online live in three days from 9 am to 4 pm EST.

See class description or see available classes here.

Stem Cell Activation Yoga

Stem cell activation yoga is part of the comprehensive healing therapy of the soul reprogramming method.

It is a combination of three main elements:

  • Breathing
  • Light
  • Movement

With these elements, we are looking to promote healing, in various ways:

  • By activating the stem cell production centers
  • By focused activation of the directly involved organs, triggering regular cells to have stem-cell-like functions
  • By the oxygenation of the blood that cleans toxins and brings nourishment to the organs and cells of the entire body and brain
  • By reaching the pressure points of the organs through movement, focused breathing and light, we can release toxins and malignant cells

See class description. Buy our 10 hour video series for $15 (Coming soon!).

You can go at your own pace. Our recommendation is of one hour per day and four times a week.

Mix the one hour videos to your liking to activate your cells with every practice.