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Healers of the Light

Book 2: The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness, Cellular Activation

Book 2: The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness, Cellular Activation

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Cellular activation is a process in which you release from the physical body all those crystallizations of emotions, beliefs, and identifications that limit your full expression and the embodiment of higher consciousness or "true self."

By activating your cells, you can:
• Heal and disconnect from past hurts and traumas
• Release limiting beliefs and stop repeating the same mistakes
• Be powered by consciousness instead of by involuntary brain
• Stop the chronic loop of anxiety by teaching your cells a new
• Transmit messages to your cells that will create new patterns of
communication and behavior
• Learn how to use the components of intensity, frequency and time
to create exactly the pattern you want
• Get access to your original blueprint which holds your life purpose
• Connect to higher levels of consciousness

When we achieve cellular activation, we begin to understand that our
true identity is not something we learn and develop during our human
experience, but rather something we are since before birth, an identity that
is waiting to be remembered and reestablished.
The goal of cellular activation is not self-improvement; it is to transform
our entire cellular system into a new being.

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