DNA Activation and Connection to the Transcendental Mind

Connection to the Transcendental Mind is the graduation practice of the book of mind. In this book we explain how to connect to the various levels of the mind, besides of the human mind: Universal and transcendental.

In the book, we omit the section of the transcendental mind that connects to the higher being committees because it requires DNA activation to establish direct communication, in the way that we do it, with frequency words.

With practice, and repeated exercises as described in the book, you strengthen your connection with your spiritual aspect of the soul.

In this class, we go a step beyond, and activate ten strands of DNA to access another level of communication with the higher being committees: Guides, Guardian Angels, High Self, and others.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to use a pendulum
  • How to use frequency words to connect to various mental states
  • How to communicate to your higher beings to find guidance and discernment for present matters

This a two day class of four hours per day. DNA activation must be applied in two parts.

Cost $450. On sale for early registration $195.

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