Navigating the Holographic Universe

Navigating the Holographic Universe

What if the Universe is emanating from a single “point” without time or location? What if you could take a consciousness “wormhole” to a completely different experience? This is what ancient cultures have said for eons, and what modern physicists and astrophysicists are starting to discover for themselves.

In Christianity, the holy trinity is merely an extension of the One principal as well – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit being the material, the extension of that initial division, and its offspring informed by the non-material.

In Hinduism, Brahma emanates from the highest Universal Principle, the cause of which all material reality exists.

In Buddhism, energy extends into a physical, objective world, but it is only an offshoot of the subjective non sensory world, dependent upon consciousness.  Energy, therefore, has become a mathematical abstraction, but it is the subtle emanation of life force from the One Intelligence.[1]

Scientists have found by investigating cosmic microwaves in the background of space, that the holographic explanation of the Universe makes sense, but they still attribute the material world to a “projection” of 2-D reality.[2] While we can argue over whether the One becomes two, to then make the infinite, let’s not split hairs over science which is still in its infancy in relation to understanding how the Universe creates us and our experience of it.

What you need to understand, in this moment, is that the moment is all there is in a holographic universe. It is in the infinite now that creation occurs. This is how microorganisms evolve, how cells replicate and our DNA communicates to cells and proteins to tell them how to organize into a human being (or a flower, or a slug).

Universal Intelligence gives us our instructions, but by altering the information, we alter the form. We can identify the information we have already given our physical form, and then change it. This is essentially what all healing modalities do. Our cells don’t know the difference between a physical experience and an etheric one, because the same information is present, offering a “program” to our smallest constituents (atoms, molecules, cells, DNA, genome) to tell them how to behave in the Universe at large.

Many of us feel we are lost at sea with no boat to navigate our surroundings. We have demands upon us by the physical world which we simply can’t ignore – families to raise, bills to pay, friendships to maintain, etc. often the care (or instructions) given to our smallest collective parts (atoms, molecules, cells, DNA, genome) are completely ignored. We tend to believe that the world is creating us, instead of the fact that we are creating the world in each moment of our conscious awareness.

If you can begin to think of that singularity – the one point of Infinite Consciousness before it breaks into a trillion to the trillionth power of variations – then you can begin to understand why you need to give your body (and its smallest constituents) the love and attention it deserves. You need to give it information that is natural to the One Source – love, bliss, joy, right livelihood, expanded prosperity, dynamic health and vitality, unbounded energy and more.

How do you alter the instructions, the program?

You talk to your cells. You think of transformation and the quantum field begins to align. You are shown material ways to make the non-material come into being. This is the very same method that Divine Intelligence uses to make stars, planets, dark matter, bugs, grass, and cities full of people.

You navigate your ship in the Universe by taking the helm. Don’t let someone else steer your ship or write your program. Put in the information, the 0s and 1s if you want to use computer programming parlance, and watch what comes out in the form of “software.”

Science is crawling to catch up to Infinite Wisdom. We’ve just learned that our genome responds to love from our mothers, but it also responds to every other form of love we offer to ourselves and others. With love and insight, we can navigate anything we desire – from better relationships to more profound life’s work, to finding our true purpose, and even healing ourselves. This intelligence is innate because it is all-pervading and singular. It is infinite beyond all infinities, and we can tap into it right NOW.


[1] Wallace, Alan B. Ph.D. Scientific And Buddhist Views on Energy.

[2] University of SouthHampton. Phys Org. Study reveals substantial evidence of holographic universe.

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