April 21, 2018

Are We on the Verge of an Evolutionary Spiritual Leap Indicated by Changing Earth Resonance?

The Earth resonates electromagnetic waves that are detectable and measurable. Professor W.O. Schumann, a German physicist found that these waves excit

April 14, 2018

Descartes’ Cartesian Theater and Holographic DNA

The Cognitive Holodeck To understand our DNA, we can start with the brain. Not the grey stuff floating between our ears, but how the brain acts and wo

April 8, 2018

How Your Cells Use Light to Communicate

“Your body is woven from the light of Heaven.” – Rumi Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between a living and non-living proce

April 5, 2018

How Brain Frequencies Influence Your Life

The brain emits electrical pulses which fall within a band which we can measure with cycles per second. Each of these cycles influence how we function

March 30, 2018

Understanding Our 12 Strands of Holographic DNA

We’re all familiar with the so-called basic building blocks of life, but many of us are unaware that the double helix is composed of 12-strands as o