How to Identify Chakra Imabalances

How to Identify Chakra Imabalances


We can understand chakras as energy centers, the centers in our bodies where energy accumulates and from where it’s distributed.

Each part of our body responds to a different kind of energy, that doesn’t mean that the crown chakra energy can’t affect our entire body, it only means that each energy center mainly affects the organs and systems that are in its close proximity.

This is the reason why each energy center also activates a particular kind of interests, emotions, and physical responses.

If you observe how amazingly perfect your body is and how it’s organized energetically in areas, you will notice that each chakra resonates with the energy that each area needs.


 how to identify that your chakras are imbalanced

The crown chakra is all about receiving information, guidance, and learning. It’s about cognition and sensing. 

When the crown chakra is not balanced, we can experience confusion, brain fog, memory loss, and we are less open to receiving new information and ideas.


The 3rd eye chakra activates our imagination, inspiration, and art creation. It’s our connection with a Universal Consciousness, where we access limitless ideas, information, and basically we can answer any question we have.

When the 3rd eye chakra is not balanced, we can’t use our imagination, dream, or visualize which makes it more difficult for the process of creation and manifestation. 


The throat chakra is related to our ability to express ourselves in an authentic and unapologetic way.

When the throat chakra is imbalanced, it makes it more difficult for us to say how we feel or what we think. We suppress ourselves to avoid conflict or disapproval.


The heart chakra is the center that commands consciousness, the awareness of self “self-awareness.”

When the heart chakra is imbalanced, our fears are stronger than our self-awareness, our consciousness is not present and we tend to restrict ourselves, avoiding changes and opportunities, fearing moving away from safety, comfort, and familiarity.


The solar plexus is the energy center that connects the physical with the spiritual world, the mind and the body, the thoughts and actions.

An imbalanced solar plexus makes us feel disconnected from ourselves; we lack either physical, mental, or emotional awareness, we are not in alignment within. We never feel complete satisfaction or comfort because one or more of our aspects are being ignored, suppressed, or blocked from our consciousness.


The sacral chakra is the energy center that is related to our sense of belonging; it’s where we were housed during gestation in our mother’s womb. The sacral chakra allows us to establish intimacy and connection. It’s also related to a balanced sexual life and having a good relationship with money. 

When the sacral chakra is out of balance, one of the principal ways in which it’s manifested is as imbalanced sexual energy; it can be too much or too little, interfering this way with other processes such as creativity, creation, forming intimate connections, and settling. 


The root chakra is the energy center that commands our connection to earth. It allows us to be present and grounded and to have a sense of belonging.

When the root chakra is out of balance, we are constantly daydreaming, we are “not here;” we feel that we don’t belong and that we are disconnected from the world.




And although I talk about the chakras separately to identify the interests and motivations that are mainly related to each energy center, we function as an integrated whole.

An imbalance in one of the energy centers will affect all of the others and we will feel imbalanced in general. 


However, by identifying where our imbalances come from, we can take the necessary steps to correct or improve each area of ourselves that needs attention.

It’s customary to start by the root chakra when balancing the entire chakra system because it’s considered that the sense of safety and belonging are necessary in order to develop any other more elevated interests.


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