The Anatomy of Astral Healing

The Anatomy of Astral Healing

Astral healing is a birthright we all have access to. It happens very naturally, unlike the mythology which surrounds the practice. Just like our bodies quietly go about repairing our physical bodies – by fixing damaged cells, making new cells, and getting rid of old cells, every night when we are sleeping – astral healing takes place to heal our souls.

To understand astral healing, we must first have knowledge of the astral plane. On the physical plan, healing can be a tedious process. This is because all physical symptoms reflect discordant energies in the astral body, on the astral pane.

People who have had out of body experiences (OBEs) are part of a small group of individuals who get to experience their astral bodies while still conscious in their physical forms. There are different levels of consciousness, even on the astral plane, but for now, it is sufficient to explain it as such: this is where our soul goes after physical death to reflect upon our spiritual journey and to decide how we can best learn our lessons.

Before we ever come into a physical body, we go through:

  • The Causal Plane – this can be envisioned as the place where the Akashic records, or what the famous psychologist Carl Jung called our “Collective Consciousness” resides.It is a repository of all lives we’ve ever had, all experiences, all emotions, and all relationships we’ve had with every other person, as well as a repository of others’ experiences and emotions, also. More and more psychologists, hypnotherapists, and neurobiologists are beginning to detail accounts of “life between life.” This describes the causal plane or the Akasha, a Sanskrit word meaning “the basis and essence of all things in material or tangible form.”
  • The Mental Plane – Next we traverse through the mental plane. This is the plane that emanates from the primordial sound – what was called “Aum,” in ancient societies, but is also Amen, and a dozen other variations. All ascended masters work on this plane, using intelligence, philosophy, reason and form as the prime methods of teaching.
  • The Astral Plane – The astral plane is where we do much work to destroy our collected egoic baggage, or karmic seeds, which accumulate over a lifetime – or many! On the astral plane, a person works with his feelings and emotions, primarily.
  • The Soul Plane – It is here where we choose our next form after learning all we need to know from the aforementioned places of existence.

Because we deal primarily with our emotions on the astral plane, by curing any pain, anger, shame, guilt, jealousy, etc. on this plane, it trickles down into our physical experience and form. This ether-like part of our being acts like an egg around the physical body. Any damage to the etheric body or astral body then affects the physical body. All references to chakras, kundalini, the energy body etc. are talking about healing on this level of our form.

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The astral body is finer and more subtle than the physical body, but its experiences affect the physical body profoundly. Astral matter interpenetrates physical matter – if it is sickly (with emotion) then, the physical body will be bound up in that sickness. Likewise, when the astral body is joyous and loving, then the physical body will experience expanded health and vitality.

Those with clairvoyance, or an opened pineal gland can see others’ auras. When they do, they are looking at the astral body. They can see the gradients in astral matter – through the seven chakras. When the astral body is bright and clear in hue then it usually indicates a thriving physical body. When the aura is murky, spotted, grey, dim, or has other diminished qualities, inevitably, these will be represented in the physical form as well.

When healing occurs on the astral plane, it almost immediately affects the physical body. This is why energy healing can be so effective, even though it is not always understood by modern science. We simply have yet to develop the scientific tools of observation that would allow us to dissect and deliberate over the astral body the way that we do the physical.

Any type of energetic work which helps us to develop finer emotional qualities, like selflessness, passion, love, spiritual wisdom, etc., will envelop the physical form.  These emotions are held within the etheric plane, and mix with the atoms and cells of our physical form.

Like a rainbow that grows brighter following a brief storm, with the intensity of the sun’s light, we too can grow clearer and brighter physically and mentally by healing at the level of the astral plane.

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