SRM Comprehensive Healing Therapy

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla


The SRM comprehensive healing therapy is an 8 week program, that includes all the healing methods under the scope of SRM, applied in a personalized manner.

This is a very powerful way to promote healing by transforming the entire operating system of the participants into a healthy, balanced and more efficient environment.

A new door opens up with endless possibilities to find their own path to health.

In this therapy we include:

  • Full body and brain reprogramming
  • Balance and activation of the main life program
  • Healing sub-programs, accident programs and death by error
  • Release of discordant energies accumulated with specific groups of characters throughout the lives of the participants
  • Re patterning of thought processes
  • Full scan of eating habits, work/life balance, and impact in health of important relationships
  • Implementation of focused diets specific for the needs of the participant
  • DNA activation of up to 12 strands according to their healing needs
  • Activation of healing elements “Seed of Love DNA Activation”
  • Implementation of our signature exercise plan, the Stem Cell Activation Yoga
  • Implementation of a meditation program using frequency words
  •  1 hour weekly follow ups, followed by the weekly action plan
  • Daily reminder of the program of the day

The first step of the SRM comprehensive healing therapy is the application of reprogramming.

With reprogramming, we update and upgrade — the entire human operating system — composed of DNA, cells, memory in the entire brain and body, and subtle layers of being not addressed by allopathic medicine though well documented by ancient cultures.

We also activate ten strands of DNA for participant in SRM, to allow them to seek healing encoded in their own DNA trace. We have noticed that in numerous activations, those people who are channeling a disease or condition, also carry the information on how to heal it in their own DNA.

It is like having a book implanted in your DNA for a specific condition, but choosing to see only the symptoms section. With DNA activation, you can all of a sudden, flip through the pages of this book, to reach the healing method section. Your cells will recognize the antidote and will begin its application. If you have no present condition, this will prevent such conditions to appear and improve your health to optimum.

After this process has been completed by application of reprogramming through an SRM consultation or class, the operating system is ready to receive much higher frequency healing, which is done by activating four strands of DNA trace specific for healing called: Seed of love DNA. This is only possible after the upgrade of receptors and transmitters in the body and brain which occurs during reprogramming. Thereafter, the body taps into its original, disease-free state with ease.

In the activation of the seed of love DNA, we apply direct energy healing with our hands, eyes and energy field. We seal the practice with frequency words, giving commands to the cells to reestablish their functions and improve health.

During the therapy, the practitioners recommend a specific continued treatment for the participant. That includes:
  • Energy healing
  • A specific diet for each condition
  • Stem Cell Activation Yoga
  • A daily meditation plan
The participant will receive one or multiple applications of energy healing, depending on the condition to be treated.

Seed of love is the name of the active element that modifies the DNA for healing. There are many other DNA traces that can be used for different purposes, but to heal the astral body and as a consequence the physical body (which is its direct reflection), this is the most powerful element to activate.

The special diet and exercise program that are part of this therapy, are focused in the suppression and elimination of toxic cells and in the production of healthy ones.

This is how the stem cell activation yoga comes to life. It is a combination of elements that trigger the production of healthy cells:

  • Breathing
  • Light
  • Movement

Stem Cell Activation Yoga is a holographic practice. It requires focus not only in the movements prescribed, but also in focused breathing through the organ or organs that promote production of healthy cells. The use of visualized light energy bathing the organs through breathing is also essential.

The class is taught in four 15 minute increments (one hour practice), four times per week, unless the practitioner recommends something different.

The stem cell activation yoga is safe for anyone to do, even though we always recommend that energy work starts after the age of eight years old. This allows an infant the proper development of their energetic field. This timeline also promotes the production of healthy cells while protecting the existing ones by filling them with oxygen, proper nutrients, and light.

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The cost of the SRM 8 week transformational therapy is $3000. It includes all the services listed above and the follow up of the therapist on a weekly basis.

In some conditions continuous application of energy healing therapy will be recommended, those can be paid individually at a rate of $90 per session.

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