The Higher Purpose of Pain

The Higher Purpose of Pain

“The wound is where the light enters you.” – Rumi

Many of us assume that pain is useless, and try to avoid it at all costs. We believe that pain – emotional or physical – due to an illness, relationship struggles, the slight of a friend, etc. are something we must simply endure as part of life in the Matrix. But there is much more to the story of pain. It is part of the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe.

Expansion – awakened through contrast – is the true purpose of pain. It is only in feeling the opposite of joy, the opposite of health, and the opposite of peace that we usually seek change. This is the nature of life in duality. Yet, even in this illusion, which separates us from God’s Infinite Grace, we are welcomed back to the Infinite Intelligence with open arms. All experiences which cause us to feel as if we are less than love (God) are a call to re-think our reality. We must raise our consciousness from the pain-state to a non-pain state.

However, the cure for our pain often is our pain, though we run from it, medicate it, drug it, dismiss it, trivialize it, work ourselves frantic to avoid feeling it, and more. We tend to avoid the feelings of emptiness and unworthiness – of feeling unloved and unlovable – to the point that most of us have no idea these feelings exist within us. And yet, we are dumbfounded when we become ill, we continue to have the same problems in our relationships, and the same experience of life. We’ve bene looking for our healing and our self-love somewhere outside ourselves.

The ego is masterful at keeping us delusional, and at avoiding our pain. It will convince us that some other person or situation needs to change in order for us to find joy and truth. But these gifts are ours for the taking at any moment – when we are willing to go through the pain. Not around our pain by avoiding it through distractionary techniques like eating, shopping, drinking, taking drugs, working too much, exercising too much, etc. Nor, above our pain by speaking in lofty spiritual terms, which do nothing more than guard us from the trauma and pain of our more earthly chakras.

Many of us will escape into the higher chakras when we experience pain associated with imbalances in the lower three chakras, for example. While this may protect us temporarily so that we can survive, this denial of our pain does not allow us to thrive, and eventually we find we are dealing with those first 3 chakra issues again and again until the trauma there is resolved.

Pain is always a call to pay attention. It wants to be resolved. Pain doesn’t exist solely to make us miserable. It exists as a wake-up call. It is a reminder to look into your own soul and see what still needs healing. That is why you are here. Divine Intelligence knows exactly what will trigger the deepest healing in you. It can call this healing forth, despite your protestations, and despite the egos shenanigan’s to try to avoid your “waking up” to the truth of what is still in Shadow within you.

It is often only through pain that we finally realize that it is time to re-awaken or reprogram our vibrational expression to embody complete health and joy. As Johanna Bassols explains in her DNA Reprogramming protocol, a vibrational energy healing therapy based on the premise that anything material (as we perceive it) was originated from a non-physical form, our bodies and cells don’t know the difference between imagining that we are sucking on a lemon and actually sucking on a lemon. If we are tired of sucking on lemons, we need to heal the vibrational tendency to draw sour experiences into our field!

And ironically, we first must realize that we are creating all those lemons to suck on! We do this by aligning our consciousness to a certain level of creation. Infinite Intelligence is infinitely wise, though, and allows us to experience negative patterns in our relationships, or continued pain in our bodies, so that we can see what deep traumas and wounds still require healing. When this deep healing occurs, pain is no longer useful, and disappears.

When the famous poet Rumi advised that our wounds are where light enters us – he succinctly and beautifully described the process and purpose of pain. Rumi also said that where there is ruin there is also hope for treasure. What he meant was that we often have to crumble to our knees in pain, be it emotional or physical – to finally give up our egoic notions that there is nothing that needs to be healed. The pains we feel are messengers, but so often we shoot the messenger. We send away the messages that our bodies, minds, and souls are sending us, until the message gets so loud that we can no longer ignore it.

This is also why Rumi advises that we have to keep breaking our hearts, until they open, because God only works through Love. Love is God’s language of healing. Yet, if we are closed to love, we cannot heal. We don’t even realize the ways in which we stand guard against love and push it away. This is the purpose of pain. When we give ourselves to the experience of it fully, we can finally heal. Infinite Intelligence is waiting to shower us all that we desire, as soon as we open our hearts, and expand our minds to receive this love. Pain is one of the methods this is achieved, until you no longer require pain to help you learn your lessons.

Once your consciousness has been raised significantly, you will learn through love and joy instead. Until then, see pain for what it is, a beautiful, if uncomfortable, wake up call to pay attention to what still needs healing within you.

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