What Color is Your Energy?

What Color is Your Energy?

The reason that adepts and highly conscious people see colors in our auric fields is because every color of the rainbow (and many more which are outside of the viewable spectrum) resonate at a certain frequency. Not only will our aura’s resonate with certain colors, but as captured with Kirlian photography, they might also be bright or dim, spotted or streaked, or exceptionally vibrant.


A Little Background on Electromagnetic Frequency

Mainstream science is still struggling to understand why some people see colors around someone’s body, let alone acknowledge that we have etheric bodies at all, however, whether you explain this away as a neuropsychological phenomenon known as “synesthesia,” or the result of a vibrant imagination, ancient adepts talked of colors in association to our chakras in multiple cultures around the globe – making the phenomenon more than possible, but probable.


Science, oddly, has also admitted that everything in the Universe is just vibrating energy, including the human body, so it would only logically follow that different energies might emit different colors. This difference is indeed captured in the human electromagnetic field, which extends beyond the physical body.


Moreover, when our psychological and emotional energies are sent through the body as electrical impulses along the biological (neural) and energetic (meridians or nadis) pathways, these transmissions cause our electromagnetic fields to radiate beyond our skin. By this process, the tangible features (frequency, waveform, etc.) of these radiating electrical field energies are then characteristic of the mental activity that generated them, so as we think, we vibrate. This has been taught again and again.


Also consider that just shy of twenty years ago, scientists thought most of the electromagnetic spectrum was empty. Were they ever wrong!


How Color Resonates/Vibrates


With these facts established, let’s look at how our emotions, and thereby our electromagnetic frequency or vibration might take on a certain hue:


Red:  Red in our aura can mean many things. When clear and vibrant it can indicate a healthy ego that is able to process anger and fear without holding on to it. Red that is muddled, dark or muddy can indicate a weak root chakra, prone to anger, fear, lack, and a feeling that we can’t trust the world to provide for our most basic needs.


Pink:  As an extension of red, pink can indicate compassion, clairvoyance, affection, sensitivity, sensuality, and sexual pleasure. Muddy pink can indicate dishonesty and immaturity with ourselves and others, alike.


Orange: This color pertains to our sexual organs and the second and third chakras. Orange that looks clear and bright indicates we are social, happy, energetic, healthy, positive, and outgoing. Dingy or muted orange can indicate we are stressed out or prone to addiction.


Yellow:  This color seen in the auric field can indicate optimism, and intelligence. Bright yellow, or muddy yellow can also indicate a fear of losing power, power struggles or losing respect from others. A healthy yellow might appear in our auras to indicate the beginnings of spiritual awakening.


Green: This is the color associated with the heart. It indicates how we love ourselves and others. Clear, vibrant green indicates a healthy self-love and openness to receive love in the forms of compassion, empathy, friendship, and more. When we have clear green in our auras, it means we can evolve and change with ease. Muddled, or muted green can indicate being stuck emotionally. We may be jealous, judgmental, or hold a grudge. Deep, muddy green can mean that we lack personal responsibility which is required before we can develop our higher chakras.


Turquoise:  Healthy turquoise energy means we have a strong immune system. It may also indicate the ability to heal others, and have an incredible degree of compassion and empathy.


Blue: healthy blue energy is associated with the throat chakra. When it is clear, it means we are expressive, but not overly verbose. We can speak with love, compassion, and intuition, eloquently on almost any topic. Unhealthy energy will express as a muddy blue color and can indicate a fear of speaking one’s truth.


Indigo:  Indigo in an aura indicates the opening of the pineal gland and our deep, spiritual intuition. It is usually only present in those who have done some spiritual work.


Violet: Violet is the color of the artist, visionary, intuitive, psychic, and shaman. Those who seem to live, as if by magic, will have lots of violet in their chakras.


Lavender: Though close to violet, lavender indicates a lower form of violet – and is associated with daydreaming.


Silver: Silver in the aura usually pertains to spiritual or material wealth. Dirty or grey colors indicate skepticism, or fear.


Black: As one might imagine, black indicates negative or low-vibrational energy in someone’s electromagnetic field. If it is present it almost always indicates a serious health condition, unreleased anger, grief, or fear, and perhaps even undigested past life experience.


You can work to clear your auric field, and clean up your “rainbow” of colors by practicing spiritual work like meditation or yoga, being kind, and simply being present. Healer’s of the Light also offers many ways to help expedite this process.


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