You Can Activate All 12 Strands of Your DNA

You Can Activate All 12 Strands of Your DNA

Your DNA is currently only functioning at a fraction of its capacity. Unless you are a highly ascended individual, 20 of the 64 codons of your DNA are working.

20 amino acids are giving instructions to your two-strand, physical DNA. It is important to note that there are many more strands of DNA, but they exist in other dimensions and do not register in our 3-D reality. It is believed that DNA gives instructions to proteins, but it is more likely that our DNA is a messaging system that is connected to the Infinite Intelligence, and has many more ways to be switched “on” than just a few bases – adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G), and thymine (T).

Our cells read these bases in a trio – called a codon, and only 20 of these are working in most individuals. The codon specifies which amino acid is needed in protein synthesis.

As we have learned recently in epigenetics, that amino acids and protein methylation allows for “cross-talk” between different chromatin states. What is the difference between a chromatin and chromosome? In the nucleus, the DNA double helix is packaged by special proteins (histones) and RNA to form a complex called chromatin. Chromatin fibers have an average diameter of 300 Angstrom, and is basic structural unit of the chromosome.

Without getting into lengthy discussion of cell biology, we can suffice to say that your chromosomes are currently under a gag order until the entire codon is flipped on and messaging between all your DNA strands – both physical and interdimensional – can begin to “talk.”

The limitations of our brain power are synonymous to this example of unawakened DNA. Scientists have discovered that we only use 10 to 20 percent of our brains. What is all the rest of that grey matter for, then? Surely the Infinite Creator didn’t just throw in trillions of extra brain cells for nothing. It isn’t that most of our brains remain incessantly fallow like seeds thrown to a frozen field, and never harvested. We simply chose not to develop our full brain capacity, and thus its potential lays dormant.

Electrical and magnetic changes have been measured in the brains of even the most intelligent people, yet it is those who meditate consistently, and who seek internal awareness that seem to have the most full-brain activity. Could this mean, that just like our holographic, multi-dimensional DNA, the brain’s true capacity is locked in spiritual realms, which even today’s physicists have yet to uncover?

We can access our full, holographic DNA, in the same way that we can awaken the gifts of our seemingly sleeping brains. We can awaken full 12-strand-and-more DNA capabilities by eating cleanly, quieting our minds, asking for forgiveness, and practicing empathy toward others, and even listening to uplifting music, using crystals, and a whole list of healing modalities. True DNA awakening is the reprogramming of latent DNA capabilities which we already have, though.

When all 64 codons are turned on, our DNA is like a massive super computer which interfaces with the Cosmic Intelligence. It receives instructions for repair, but also allows us to achieve a “Christed” consciousness – one that has abilities beyond those which we currently even believe are possible. These abilities have also been called siddhis by ancient yogis, and include a laundry list of abilities including clairsentience, remote viewing, and more.

Our genetic code holds secrets which certain institutions and individuals do not want us to understand.  Our RNA codons are like crystals – they contain the entire history of the Cosmos, not just our own memories and experiences, and those of all our ancestors going back millions, if not billions of years, but the entire fabric of the Multi Verse in all its expressions. The geometry of liquid, crystalline DNA is fascinating but more importantly, timelapse films of these structures also contain hints pointing to our Infinite, fractal nature.

The importance of activating or reprogramming your latent DNA so that all codons are communicating in full force cannot be emphasized enough. This is why we are on this planet at this time. It is time to “upgrade” our DNA to a much higher level.

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