Ritual to Manifest Your Life Purpose

Ritual to Manifest Your Life Purpose

This ritual was extracted from our radio show episode from 8/24/17.

In that episode we were talking about how to create positive karma, and we mentioned that one of the ways was fulfilling our life purpose because that was the way the Universe had determined how we can be the most helpful to the evolutionary cause.

To activate your life purpose and manifest it in your life, you need to express your aptitude to serve the evolutionary cause, and show that you are ready to fulfill your purpose through ritual. Since we are in earth level, we will express this using the elements of the earth: Water, fire, air, earth and ether.

What we are doing here is known as Alchemy, we are transforming elements of the earth into a message that it will be sub sequentially transformed into action.

For this, you need a few materials: An empty bowl, a glass of water, an essential oil with flagrance (any), a tea light candle, three or four flowers of any kind (just the flower not the stem) and a piece of paper and a pen.

Write in the paper a sentence that expresses your gratitude to the Universe for allowing you to fulfill your purpose. You can simply say “Thank you for allowing me to fulfill my purpose in life, I am very grateful”.

Because we are working in present time, express this as if you have found the purpose and are ready to fulfil it. This will attract the elements that are part of that present reality, by law of attraction. You are radiating that frequency of your purpose, that attracts the components, the people involved the synchronicities.

Once you have written that sentence on the paper, please grab the essential oil and place a drop or two over the sentence, and say: “This oil represents the union of all my elements, expressing my gratitude and desire for serving the Universal cause of evolution, and any other that has been assigned to me in resonance with my life purpose”.

Then grab the paper and fold it in four pieces, put it in the bowl and say: “This represents my life in planet earth ready to serve my purpose”. Now, pour the glass of water in the bowl saying: “This represents the love of my elements for the cause of evolution and the gratitude for fulfilling my purpose in this life”.

Then light the candle and place it in the bowl. It has to be a tea light candle, so it can float, and say the following: “This fire represents my actions, that are about love and about the intention of fulfilling my purpose in everything I do. May this fire lead the way to all my actions, and always resonate with my purpose”.

Then grab the flowers and place them in the bowl. Let them also float with the candle, over the water, and say: “These flowers represent my life in earth, in harmony with my purpose and at the same level as my actions; the higher my actions are in consciousness, the higher my soul’s consciousness will be”.

Now, blow the candle and say: “This represents the element of air, for all my thoughts be in the same frequency as my actions. I do as I think and I think as I do”.

Finally, place the bowl in an altar or simply where it is now and contemplate it for a few minutes, meditate on your intention to serve the evolutionary cause and imagine there is a bright, white light all around you, feel comfortable and know that your message has been conveyed, and that the synchronicities are on its way. This will fulfil the element of ether.

You can now dump the candle in the trash, and dump the water with the paper into a river, or even the sink, if your plumbing is connected to the municipal drain and not a sceptic tank. It needs to flow. The beach doesn’t work, because the beach would bring it back to you, you want it to flow. A river is ideal. The paper will eventually dissolve in a few hours, it is a paper on the water; but the candle may not, so you can throw that one on the trash, and keep the bowl for the next ritual.

This is a strong ritual, using the elements of the earth to help you bring to you, the synchronicities and events that will help you create positive karma. Be aware of the events and messages that you get these next few days. They will be filled with your life purpose.

Johanna Bassols

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