Seed of Love DNA Activation

Our DNA is a complex environment that allows many groups of elements, called “traces” to be activated within it, once at least one more strand is activated in addition to the two original strands that we have from birth.

In its origins, before being born; the original idea of human being includes twelve strands of holographic DNA connected. However, as soon as the human being is born and is in contact with the atmospheric elements of the earth, ten of those strands are disconnected and only two remain.

These two strands contain the information of our parents, together with most of the information needed to endure life in earth.

The other ten strands are the ones that connect us to the Universal Consciousness, with our spiritual self. This connection opens the door for a great variety of activations to promote various aspects of the soul, healing, enlightenment, expansion, etc.

During the Soul Reprogramming Method class or by direct activation from another person with a 12 strand active DNA, you can activate your other ten strands of DNA. And with the application of reprogramming you can reset and update all the receptors and transmitters in your entire body, brain and layers of being.

Whether you chose to take the SRM class to do it yourself and learn how to do it to others, or have a consultant activate your DNA and reprogram your elements, this preparation sets your system to allow the activation of the seed of love. And it is a necessary requirement in order to take this class.

The seed of love is an element of DNA, it activates four traces of DNA in your twelve strands that are focused in healing. It is a powerful element, of a very high frequency that doesn’t manifest itself in environments of low frequency, that’s why reprogramming is necessary before trying this activation. In order for the practitioner to emit the energy healing of this magnitude and for the patient to receive it, they both need to have observed this process.

Once the environment is set, the frequencies can travel without interference and with amplified reach.

Studying the Seed of Love DNA Activation

To learn this practice, and to receive the activation needed to apply it to others; the student needs to have taken the SRM class, or must be reprogrammed and activated by a consultant.

Once this is completed, the student can sign up for the seed of love DNA activation, two day class, in which they will receive the activation of the seed of love and will learn the application of light through their hands, eyes, heart and energy field.

In this class they will also learn the complementary practices to promote healing, such as specific diets for the most common disease types, as well as the application of additional SRM healing techniques and the practice of the stem cell activation yoga.

Class cost: $649, taught in three days from 9 am to 4 pm.

Se available classes here.

Receiving The Seed of Love DNA activation

If you are interested in receiving the activation of the seed of love, you need to be reprogrammed and have received the activation of at least four strands of DNA. Once you have completed this, you can receive the healing and activation of the seed of love DNA trace.

You can also do it as part of the SRM comprehensive healing therapy, which will also include our recommendation of diet, energy healing, meditation with frequency words and the practice of the stem cell activation yoga.

The cost of the 8-week program is $3000. You receive daily reminders with your plan and weekly follow ups to keep track of the progress.

Additional energy healing applications are recommended when dealing with specific conditions that require the regeneration and production of new cells, or elimination of malignant ones.

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