One Hour Appointment

Sometimes you just need guidance and confirmation, some others you need to know more details about a specific matter. Use this hour for reprogramming coaching or energy healing, or leave it open and receive what is the most beneficial for you at the time of the appointment.

Take as many sessions as you need. Go at your own pace.

Cost $150

Full Reprogramming

A full reprogramming is a transformational experience that can take an average of 10 days. It starts with the activation of the DNA codes that reestablish the consciousness of the Original Persona or True Self.

This activation also brings to your awareness all that is contained within the Original Persona’s blueprint: Life purpose, programs, and information related to your path and mission.

The full reprogramming consists on balancing the energetic elements, emotions, and physical alignment needed to experience the state of awareness, removing from your light body all the blockages to embodying your true self.

In this therapy, the programs that are now active but causing imbalances are terminated to allow the initiate to move to the next level of experience. This process is called ascension or elevation of consciousness.

With the discovery and accomplishment of their life purpose, the initiate could continue experiencing further elevation. With the elevation of consciousness, there’s a figurative death and rebirth, that allows the person to have an experience similar to living several lives in one lifetime.

This therapy is applied by Johanna Bassols personally and uniquely. During the healing she can put emphasis on a particular matter of importance or simply allow the recommendation of your higher self committee to heal and integrate everything that is needed for your most optimal performance.

Visit the healing page for more details and videos.

This healing includes full access to the Reprogramming Mastery Class and 10 reprogramming seminars.

Cost $3,500

Couple's Customized Reprogramming

Experience a higher connection with your partner by working together on releasing the old patterns and perceptions that are blocking you from growing together and moving past old learning experiences.

3 individual, one hour consultations, and 3 one hour consultations together where you will receive customized energetic guidance and practical methods that work specifically for your goals as a couple.

  • Learn to create new patterns of communication and perception of each other
  • Learn to identify when you are acting from an emotion and not from your true self
  • Learn to remain authentic while being together
  • Learn how to express your uniqueness respecting your partner’s uniqueness, creating a more powerful connection
  • Learn how to improve your communication by clearing your energy and emotions
  • Learn to say what you feel and not what you think, and more!

Cost $1200