One Hour Appointment

Sometimes you just need guidance and confirmation, some others you need to know more details about a specific matter. Receive insightful information from your own elements, understand your patterns behavior and life purpose.

Take as many sessions as you need. Go at your own pace.

Cost $150

Full Reprogramming

Restructure your operating system and allow the integration of new updated elements. Change your programs, release negative emotions, patterns of behavior and and old, limiting beliefs and ideas. And activate the frequency of your original persona.

This therapy is applied by Johanna Bassols personally and uniquely. During the initial interview, you can let her know what you would like to improve or resolve; such as relationships, health conditions, traumatic memories, negative habits, addictions, any behavioral disorders, etc.

Johanna will perform a comprehensive reprogramming of all elements making an emphasis in those areas of importance to you. Once the reprogramming is ready, she will contact you to set up a second appointment to go over the results.

Cost $10,500

Reprogramming Follow up

Once you have been reprogrammed and you feel it is time for an update, contact us for a follow up appointment. Feel free to add any new requests to heal particular situations, spaces or people that are in your life now.

Cost $500