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Biomagnetic Healing Session- Application Not Full Scan

Biomagnetic Healing Session- Application Not Full Scan

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In the application sessions, you will be able to address the imbalances found in the full body scan or address other concerns at your request. 

These sessions last one hour and they can be done at long distance. If you are doing the session at long distance, you don't need to be online while the biomagnetic healing is being applied, but it's suggested that you are comfortable and relaxed.

Biomagnetic healing can be applied in person or at long distance and it consists in balancing the body, mind, and emotions using magnets.

Biomagnetic healing can help you improve the immune system, it can help reduce pain and inflammation, it helps balance the body for it to find its own way to health more easily, etc.

Biomagnetism is a branch of bionergetics and for that reason it can be applied at long distance using graphics that help the practitioner identify active points in the patient's body.

Once these points are identified, the practitioner applies the corresponding protocols to balance the body finding the points in the body that help the client reach comfort and balance.

A biomagnetic session can be a full scan of 200 points to find any possible imbalance in the body. This session takes about 2 hours. Or if the practitioner is only applying a specific protocol for a specific discomfort or pathology then this session can take up to 1 hour.

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