Octopuses and Squids Found to Rewrite their Own RNA, But So Can You

Octopuses and Squids Found to Rewrite their Own RNA, But So Can You

A Lesson from Inky the Octopus

Inky the octopus escaped from his tank at New Zealand’s National Aquarium in April 2016. He simply squirmed through a six-inch-wide drainpipe and swam off into Hawke’s Bay after deciding a cage wasn’t his idea of the “high life.”

People were astounded at the animal’s intelligence, but cephalopods are some of the smartest creatures on the planet. Their intelligence likely results in part, because they can rewrite their own RNA. Are people so different?

Octopuses can do all sorts of highly intelligent things aside from act like Houdini. They can unscrew lids off jars, and mimic other animals like mollusks in a playful game of body-contorting mayhem. These animals don’t follow “normal” rules for genetic information, say scientists in the journal, Cell.

“Normal” DNA transcription happens like this: cells convert DNA sequences of RNA which then create proteins, which create, well, us. They make cells of every kind from brain cells to muscle cells to stomach or fingernail cells.

RNA, heretofore, has been imagined as a faithful scribe – writing down the exact copies of genetic blueprints – without being able to alter them.

However, the cephalopods can edit the RNA at will – they do it in about one of every two transcribed genes. You can think of this ability akin to giving the scribe editing credentials. Not only can he write down the blueprints of his genes, but if there’s something amiss, or he simply wants to change it, he simply writes down a new set of blueprints.

We Can Alter Our DNA Too

The epigenetic understanding of our genes is that they are never fixed. Our choices are constantly affecting our genes, and the genetic legacy we pass on to our children.

When researchers finished mapping the human genome 10 years ago they erroneously assumed that our genes couldn’t be changed except through genetic re-engineering, however, this has been proven patently false. Our DNA doesn’t even store the complete blueprint of the human form – it’s more like a suggestion.

As Rupert Sheldrake has explained in his multiple papers the morphogenetic field (Absolute Intelligence) is constantly shaping our genes. We are active participants in that field, and therefore, we can change our own DNA transcription.

Sheldrake states, for example, that there are ten core beliefs that scientists take for granted:

  • That people and animals are complex mechanisms rather than goal-driven organisms
  • That matter is unconscious and human consciousness an illusion
  • That the laws of nature are fixed
  • That nature is purposeless
  • That all biological inheritance is carried via material structures like genes, and so on.

Each of these symptoms defines a deeper malaise – the belief that we are not part of the Infinite Field of Intelligence.

Just like the Inky the octopus is showing us – we can wriggle free from our caged, limited views of our own abilities, and rewrite (reactivate, really) our own DNA to be whatever we like! That includes having a physical body that is free form disease, or eventually, not having a physical form at all! Anecdotes of the Tibetan Rainbow Body describe this very ability within our current DNA.

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Even if you just want to free yourself from disease, depression, limited self-worth and unfulfilling relationships, you can do exactly that by upgrading your DNA.

We all deserve our freedom – just like Inky. To claim it, we have to stop believing the materialist view that our DNA is inherited as a static code. It is, in fact, a blueprint, which contains the holographic intelligence of all that is. We are infinite in scope. It’s about time we did something about it.

With the Soul Reprogramming Method, individuals can access the innate Intelligence that carries all the holographic codes of our fully-expressed DNA.

Understanding that the elements which form everything (including our DNA) are metaphysical in nature, we can heal and balance them at their level of origin, reestablishing these constituents to perfect order That’s all metaphysical healing is – a reestablishing of order which underlies all things.

Every single thing that exists, is a conglomerate of elements from various origins being nonphysical, and grouped in perfect order

Some can create the illusion of matter, while others produce the nonphysical aspects of the self, such as the soul programs, and other life circumstances.

Just like the new research in epigenetics suggests, we can turn on and off genes at will to reach our highest potential.

Super intelligent octopuses and squids, like Inky, are just showing us what we are already capable of.


Featured Image: National Aquarium of New Zealand

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