5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Energetic Vibration High

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Energetic Vibration High

You are already aware of the numerous things that can bring you down – negative relationships, energy vampires, poor quality food, toxins in our environment, mind control techniques used by mainstream media, and more, but there are ways you can raise your energetic vibration no matter what negative influences surround you. Here are five proven ways to bring your energetic body into a ‘safe’ place right now:

  1. Instead of just stating the things you are grateful for mentally, write them down. Research has proven that gratitude changes our neurochemistry. Not only does it improve our ability to feel optimistic, but scientists have found that gratitude also helps us to find new ways to solve old problems. Gratitude also helps to lower anxiety and even improves our sleep, but get this – you can increase the positive effects of gratitude ten-fold by writing down exactly what you are grateful for. It takes millions more neurons to physically write something down (not type it on a computer) than to just say something aloud or think it in your mind. By adding the physical aspect to the feeling of gratitude and expressing it tangibly, you can increase its power.
  2. Use Your Emotions. Though we often compare our brains to computers, there is no evidence that they resemble a processor that churns out, stores, or uses representative data in the form of 1s, and 0s. However, it has been shown that emotion can make an experience much more profound. We are made to interact emotionally with one another – that is one of the profound gifts of being human. Instead of negating your emotions, use them to your advantage. If a situation or person is causing you pain, look within yourself and ask how you’ve allowed that reality to be yours, and choose a different emotion by focusing on it. This will cause your brain to seek circumstances and events that then create the emotion you long for.
  3. Laugh More. If you want to become a vibrational match to the things you desire – happiness, love, joy, prosperity, etc., you have to elevate your own vibration. Like attracts like. There’s a reason that images of the laughing Buddha with a rotund belly persist in our culture – it is a reminder that when we laugh, we raise our vibration to match that of the bodhisattvas. The Tibetan Buddhists understood that laughter is one of the most exalted vibrations on the planet. See funny movies. Crack jokes with friends. Tickle your toddler’s belly. Whatever it takes to laugh more, do it. Your vibration will raise significantly in the process.
  4. Eat High Vibration Foods. The less processed and more raw, and real a food is, the higher its vibration. Organic foods have higher vibrations than food that has been grown with pesticides, as evidenced by Kirlian photography. Food also contains a light-force, which is most strong when it is picked or harvested right from the plant, or tree. You want to aim for foods that are ALIVE instead of dead. That means they still contain life force. Foraged foods in the wild have some of the highest energetic levels known. You can also rely on sprouted foods, since they contain a surprising amount of nutrients and life-fore energy that allows a seed to become a full-fledged fruit, vegetable, or plant.
  5. Choose Music Wisely. Gregorian chants were specifically designed to create an uplifted state of consciousness. The same goes for Tibetan Singing bowls or American Indian flute compositions. Many of the classical pieces of music written in Europe as well as India were designed purposefully, or accidentally to raise your vibration. This is not necessarily true of modern music that plays on our airwaves. Listen closely to the lyrics of a song, notice the tones, and the harmonies. You’ll know by how you feel if the music you are listening to is uplifting or lowering your vibration. Following are some examples of high-vibrating music:




Of course there are many more ways to raise your vibration, but these are five that almost anyone can do right now, without any extra money, time, or special equipment.

You can choose to eat better at your next meal. You can sit down and write five things you are grateful for in about three minutes, and you can listen to uplifting music even while you are driving to work or doing other things during your day.

You can also try check in in with your emotions to determine if you are vibrating high or low and then take action to change your environment or use one of the other tools listed to raise it. A high-consciousness starts with a high vibratory rate, and you have the power to change it now.

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