How to Go Vegan, The Smart Way

How to Go Vegan, The Smart Way

I would like to take this opportunity to share my own experience in transitioning to a fully committed vegan diet since 2016.

There were a few factors that helped me stay focus, all of which have the same level of importance. The initiators were my compassion for the animals and my search for elevated consciousness. Then, I can call many other reasons such as health, the environment and being aware of what I eat.

One of the most significant things that you can do to elevate your consciousness, is to be mindful of what you ingest (eat and drink).

There are foods that are alive and give you nourishment and energy, and others that cause disease and speed up aging of the cells, animal products being the main cause of these last.

The transition to veganism doesn’t have to be difficult. First of all, you are doing the absolute best thing for your organism, for the environment and for the animals. Nothing that comes from a place of such high selflessness and high consciousness needs to be a struggle, all you need is a food plan and activating awareness.

1- Food plan

It is a terrible idea to start any food regime without an action plan.

You know what you are not going to eat, but you also need to know what to eat. Veganism is not about starving, it is about eating live foods, vegetables, seeds, grains and fruits.

I personally have chosen to also eliminate from my diet also, processed sugars, coffee, chocolate, alcohol and gluten. This made my diet much more nourishing, because we can always fall for the easy thing, and fill our stomachs with bread and pasta, instead of using that opportunity to take the nutrients that we really need. With that in mid, I removed all other common fillers and toxic foods from the list, I see it as one commitment instead of many individual ones, it makes it so much easier.

There is enough information online about balanced vegan meal plans, that I don’t need to go any further in this topic.

Do a simple search and find out what vegetables contain B vitamins, protein, iron, omegas, and proactively add these to your meal plan.

I make sure to eat a good amount of mushrooms for B vitamins, beans and quinoa for protein, dark green veggies for iron, and a spoon of flax seeds every day for omegas.

2- Do not wait too long to eat
A good way to fail on a diet, is to allow yourself to be hungry. You must eat proactively every 3 to 4 hours.
Breakfast is a must, and it is your opportunity to inject the body with nutrients, after it has been at rest for multiple hours.
My favorite thing to do for breakfast, is to turn on my cold press juicer and put there the main sources of vitamins for the day, usually fruits and dark green leafy vegetables.
I allow at least 20 minutes for these nutrients to be absorbed, before I eat anything else.
Give your body the time to absorb nutrients by eating small meals. And treat juices as a single meal, not a complement.
3- Take a tour to a slaughterhouse 
This could be a little extreme. But it will for sure show you what the animals go through for your delight. You can also find multiple documentaries about this. 
It is a good opportunity to share a moment of truth with the entire family. Especially children who trust that you are telling them the truth about life, but are you? You are responsible for the development of their higher consciousness, until they can do it on their own.
4- Research restaurants 
Have a list of restaurants that offer vegan options, don’t wait go to a place to find out then if there’s something to eat for you.
A wise thing to do is to eat at home before going out to eat, if it is part of a social circumstance where you have no control of the place or circumstances.
Remember, the only beneficiary of this change is you. A vegan diet does not cause any sort of deficiency, if you research your sources of vitamins, you will be fine.
There are plenty vegan sources of b12. Under no circumstances take animal based supplements or any supplements if possible. You should be able to get enough nutrients from the food, especially if you get a cold press juicer and get a dose of juice a day.
An animal based supplement, will trigger the same reaction on the cells as if you were eating  piece of meat, what is the point? And all other reasons are defeated as well.
5- Check them out!
Follow vegan influencers in instagram and Facebook to get ideas of recipes and information that will help you stay on track. 
6- Stay focused
Do not allow any flexibility to your diet, then it will be second nature. The cravings disappear after a couple of weeks, but if you cheat, then you will always have cravings.
It is not true that eating small portions of foods that cause cancer will give you less chances of having cancer.
Those small amounts are sufficient to trigger a reaction on cells. 
That also makes it harder for you to transition. Eliminate 100% of the animal products, you are not on a diet for looks or superficiality, you are on a lifestyle change for elevating your consciousness and awakening, as a result, every cell in your body will do the same, triggering health and allowing the body, brain, mind and soul to function at their best.


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