Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

Have you ever heard the expression, Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise? Meaning, what you don’t know doesn’t affect you?

This was the mantra of human consciousness for centuries, until now. Today it’s almost impossible to not being aware of what is happening around us with so much information available.

If someone wants to remain in ignorance they will have to be immersed in a routine that won’t allow them to have enough time or even physical strength to be curious about anything outside their basic survival needs. The person will want to entertain himself with things that make his mind wonder. Such person will have to renounce to their spirituality and dedicate his life to only honor the physical body and the satisfaction of his physical senses.

This person will be immersed in anything that gives him physical pleasure, and will worship sex, drugs, alcohol, food, extreme emotions, and material possessions.

He will also eat comfort foods without regard for his own health or the suffering of other beings. He will deliver this message to others around him and will make them believe that he has a good life, that he has money, power, and has found the secret to happiness.

Many people will want to be like him, he is happy, he knows how to make money, he has things that I want. What is his secret?

Ignorance, unconsciousness.

Does that sound familiar to anybody?

This person will realize at a later time that he didn’t contribute to the fulfilling of his spirit or to make the world a better place, on the contrary, he made others be curious about ignorance, about indifference, and about living a life centered in the satisfaction of the senses.

He will have missed his chance to awaken. The chance that we all have only once.

Right now we only see our immediate needs and desires. And those very same things are our vehicle for transformation. Realizing that there is more than just that.

Look around you, what do you see? Look up! do you realize what is there? Had you ever noticed your space? Look at your house, at your pets, look at every detail in them, had you ever noticed them in this level of detail before?

DNA activation brings you to the highest levels of awareness sometimes instantly, other times over a period of time. It has some disadvantages. The biggest one is that there is no way to go back to ignorance.

Once you activate the dormant strands of DNA, you can see beyond yourself and your immediate circumstances. With it comes responsibility. What will you do about it? How can you help the larger cause that you just realized you are a part of?

What is the difference between the person who brings their own bags to the supermarket or those who don’t? Or between the person who teaches their kid to love animals and to respect the environment and the person who would take the child hunting for fun?
The answer is consciousness.

Chose consciousness. And anything that is preventing you from choosing consciousness might be released and eliminated right now.

Love and light!

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