Reprogramming relationships: Do relationships have a life of its own?

Reprogramming relationships: Do relationships have a life of its own?

In order to heal anything properly, we need to understand its elemental nature. What better tool than then Soul Reprogramming Method to do that?

It is of popular believe, that the union of two beings in a relationship, leads to the creation of a third etheric entity, with a life of its own. From the metaphysical and elemental language of the Universe, this is simply impossible.

Two beings interacting, do not create a third entity, this is a misconception and after we move past this, we can begin to heal the right way. When someone approaches me with the intention to heal their relationship with another person, I explain to them that the only way to accomplish this is by healing the individuals in the relationship separately.

Additionally, after accomplishing the perfect balance of the elements of each party, we can proceed to download a frequency in their space that may help them interact in a better way, according to the frequency that was released in to the space.

But nothing will happen, if instead we focus in the etheric being that is created from the union of the two, which doesn’t really exist.

If very well there could be an exchange of energy from one to the other, there never is a mid point where the energies converge. Frequencies need a container to exist in this plane, and without that, there is no way to interact with them. It is very possible that someone absorbs the energy from their partner, to fill up a void due to the imbalance of their elements caused by a previous relationship with another group of people. This imbalance also causes us to attract people who resonate in the same frequency as the imbalance that we carry. It is a vicious circle.

The only way to cut the cycle is to balance the elements. It doesn’t matter at which point of the relationship you got hand of this information, simply do it now and continue the interaction in the relationship from a balanced perspective. The balancing of the elements should be step one in everyone’s lives from now on, this is the only way to assure that we are in a real relationship with the actual person that we think we are dealing with, and not with the imbalanced version of him and her. That goes for us too, the imbalance in our elements causes us to perceive things in a way that is also imbalanced and leads to conflict.

Watch our case study video to learn how we balance the elements of a relationship, using the Soul Reprogramming Method:


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