Research Confirms Our Genes Aren’t ‘Junk’

Research Confirms Our Genes Aren’t ‘Junk’

The original term, ‘junk DNA’ came from a research scientist in the field of gene and genome duplication named Susumu Ohno. He deliberately chose the provocative term to emphasize the “uselessness” of part of our DNA. That was in 1972.[1]

Since then hundreds of other researchers adopted the term and relegated certain parts of our genetic code to the trash bin – it was considered useless. A new wave of research is turning Ohno’s ‘junk DNA’ reference on its head, however.

Little sparks of scientific research are discovering what many of us have known all along – that just because scientists could not yet figure out the importance of parts of our genetics, doesn’t mean that they haven’t always been essential.

The latest scientific spark shedding light on our misunderstood DNA was published by The Resonance Science Foundation and in the journal Cell. [2] A paper titled, “Not junk; jumping gene is critical for early embryo,” explains that what scientists assumed was a junk piece of our DNA or even a parasite regulates the very first stages of embryonic growth. It helps certain “transposable elements” called transposons to behave in a virus-like way to spread information to other parts of our DNA, conceivably, so that the genome can develop in the way that it should.

When only 1 percent of our genome codes proteins that become different parts of us – skin, hair, nails, brain, etc. what does the other 99 percent do? This first small peak into the mystery of our DNA proves that the 99 percent is and always has been there for a reason.

As scientists continue to delve into a deeper understanding of how our DNA works, they are also learning that it communicates in ways that they did not previously anticipate.

Yet another study first started in the 1990s by Jacqueline Barton a Professor of Chemistry at Caltech, revealed an unexpected property of DNA—that it can act like an electrical wire to transfer electrons quickly across long distances. This is what quantum physicists refer to as ‘spooky action.’ [3]

Later, Barton and her colleagues learned that cells take advantage of this trait to help locate and repair potentially harmful mutations to DNA. [4] This has now been deemed DNA charge transport, but this and the discovery of “jumping DNA” are only scratching the surface.

As I explain in my latest book, The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness, our DNA is constantly responding to the Infinite Intelligence of the quantum universe. In ways that we are just beginning to conceive, our consciousness is constantly interacting with this field to create our experience of life. It is from this foundation that we can dramatically change our lives.

You can call it a prayer, or meditation, but what we think and feel most often IS our prayer. It is this thinking that alters the quantum fabric, and that then shapes us. Our DNA responds. It is ‘spooky action’ only because we can’t completely understand how it works.

Without yet fully understanding how 99 percent of our DNA behaves and interacts with this field, we can still change our lives. The trajectory is altered in every instance.

As scientists now show on a massive scale that quantum entanglement is very real, turning even classical physics upside down, simultaneous with the altered perception of our understanding of DNA, we can start to trust that the wisdom of the Universe is titled in our favor.

As we learn how to experience the All, as I call it, we can let go of outdated versions of ourselves that are only held in place by belief. Are you ready to change your life in astounding new ways? Science proves it is possible, and we’ve only just begun to explore that 99 percent ‘junk’ DNA.

Like a treasure buried away, that misunderstood DNA holds secrets of our potential, and it is more immense and more valuable than gold or diamonds. I encourage you to trust the Infinite Intelligence of the universe but learn how to work with it, instead of against it. This starts with the understanding that there isn’t one piece of junk in your DNA. It’s priceless stuff. Now let’s use it to create positive change.

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