The Quantum Universe is in the Elementary Particle

The Quantum Universe is in the Elementary Particle

As part of a cutting-edge team for the advancement of consciousness, for lack of a better category in which to put these amazing thinkers, individuals like William Brown and Nassim Haramein are challenging all that we know about cosmology – both the scientific aspect and the spiritual – which really should never have been separated. The vast is in the minute. Our Universe is programmed fractally into every single tiny particle. This is also what I explain in the book The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness: Soul Restructuring, when I talk about our multidimensional expression, and how consciousness can be found etherically in the center of every atom.

As scientists struggle to describe a mechanism that organizes the cosmological order, they have come up with several hypotheses. Among the most recent of these is the cosmological inflationary paradigm. Alan Guth first postulated that the Universe was growing larger in 1981,[1] and many of his peers have supported his assumptions, namely, that early in the formation of our Universe, density perturbations produced larger scale structures like planets, stars, and even black holes, that we can observe today.

What is most fascinating to observe, however, is how mainstream science is catching up to the predictions of rogue physicist Nassim Haramein, who has specifically described how an entire Universe is within a single atom. In a talk about his theories, Haramein details how the energy of an enormous black hole is present within a single elementary particle.

As Haramein states clearly, “Einstein didn’t have some of the mathematical tools and data that we have today. . . we’ve drilled down to galaxies, stellar objects, and atoms. And as we drilled down on both sides of the equation, we reach a very interesting point. . . in the middle of the sun [or any other cosmological object] is a point of infinite density.” Some may call this a point of singularity. It only follows that the Universe is not necessarily expanding, but that it is already Infinite, just as the ancient sages and shamans predicted.

Ancient shamans describe our cosmology in this way: it is multi-layered and spreads out to Infinity. Is this not what physicists like Haramein and biologists like Brown are able to show, not just in theory, but with scientific and mathematical data? I think that the universe is not expanding in the sense of linear expansion, but it moves outwards following a toroidal pattern that give us the impression of growth, but in reality it is only re-positioning what is already there, in the same infinite space.

The evolution of consciousness parallels this cosmological pattern. We begin with personal consciousness, which extends to humankind, then to nature, then to the “spheres” of the stars and planets, and so on out to the solar system, and beyond. We then begin to experience the consciousness of light itself, and the properties of light as it moves through the omnipresent realm. We may even learn to hear the primordial sound that accompanies the Infinite in an act of creation — manifesting all into material form. These seven levels or wheels of consciousness are described in Vedic texts[2], ancient South American texts, and in oral traditions from American Indians, Aboriginal peoples in Australia and so on. This also happens to correspond to the Seven rishis the seven main chakras of the body, and so on.  But of course, if the Universe is in every elementary particle, would this not also alter their organization and form?

It is as if human kind’s very best are struggling to break free from a consciousness which sees itself as all there is (i.e. the lower three chakras which are involved primarily with food, sex, and gaining shelter or material wealth) to an expanded view of ourselves as part of the larger Cosmology.

Again as Haramein describes it, “as we drill down into the atom, we see that not only are the particles quantized, but the electromagnetic field.” If you missed the magnitude of that statement, it means that there is an infinite amount of energy AT ANY POINT IN SPACE. Why? Because any point, even in the tiniest particle, the God particle, you might say, even though there is no God particle, only the God pattern, the entire Cosmology is present.

To then expand this theory of Haramein even further, there are multiple infinities. If each point contains the energy of infinity, and more than one point can exist simultaneously we have the possibility for infinite infinities. Yes, it’s almost impossible to even wrap your head around such as notion. No matter the complexity of this mathematical notion, it exists.[3]

When mathematicians want to discuss Infinities this always leads back to the Planck length (10^-33), which is essentially just the super small electromagnetic fluctuations of an elementary particle as it blinks in and out of existence (wave-particle theory).

At Planck length, classical ideas about gravity and space-time as we’ve been taught, all go out the window. Quantum science prevails, or as Einstein dubbed it “spooky action from a distance,” or the idea of quantum entanglement which Einstein himself struggled to come to terms with.[4]

The Planck length is also present in what we traditionally call space – the material world, in fact, is made up of 99.9999999% space. There is space between planets and stars on the macro-level and at the level of tiny particles, there is still 99.99999999% space. The atom itself contains this amount of space. We pay far more attention to the .000000001% and expect to find answers. In reality, we have a majority of space that is slightly disrupted with vibration, to flicker in and out of existence to become matter.

Think about this for a moment and what it truly means. We think that the place we were born or the parents we had, or the job we have now, or the person we are in a relationship with now dictates our reality. We think that our DNA is formed and set in stone based on unrelated events that we are just the unintended recipient of. WHOA. Let’s look again.

We’re infinite space (wisdom and possibility) vibrating in and out of material form at the Plank level, with the energy of multiple infinities (multiple singularities) ready and waiting at our fingertips because we aren’t just connected to the Cosmos, we are the Cosmos. We can affect our outcomes at any fraction of a second with quantum entanglement, by altering the vibration of matter, and because we become conscious of the space of which we are made, we can, just as Infinite Expression, change it.

You touch your thigh and think it’s a dense accumulation of muscles and bone, but you haven’t yet awakened to the higher levels of consciousness awaiting you in the cosmological order. You are like a harmonic oscillator processing vibration.[5] To change your life, change the electromagnetic field within which you are vibrating. It’s all there. Einstein would be proud.

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