To Gain What You Desire Most You Must Be Willing to Lose It All

To Gain What You Desire Most You Must Be Willing to Lose It All

In my book, The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness: Soul Restructuring, I make a blow-you-away point that can be easily glossed over if you read too quickly,

“With the elevation of consciousness, you can experience reality as the true self, embodying it. With each level of elevation, you lose beliefs and blockages. Instead of adding anything, it takes away layers and layers of false beliefs.” 

This is contrary to the motivation of almost every person’s ego. We needn’t look any farther than popular culture to see what the ego wants: sex, money, fame, power, and greed come to mind.

These are not the desires of the soul, though. The desires of the soul look more like prosperity, love, joy, abundance, connection with beauty, inspiration, creativity, and growth.

Our egoic desires are usually extremely different from the desires of the true self. The ego grasps at things that it believes will embolden it, while the heart already knows what we need, and is constantly delivering those people, situations, circumstances and relationships when we rest into an elevated consciousness.

We perceive a gap between the manifestation of our heart’s desires and our perceived reality because we live in a linear, third-dimensional paradigm, but the heart has already delivered our highest good to us. It is ever-present. It cannot be kept from us, yet we strive, cling, and accumulate when we are in our ego’s thinking, assuming that this will somehow make us happy.

When we are in our hearts, we let go – of everything, everyone, every situation, every belief that is keeping us from our more evolved self. And in so doing, our focus shifts. Instead of chasing our dreams, we start to align with our Soul’s desires.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t have desires. These are also part of the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe. However, the ego can cloud over and distort the Soul’s desires. This is why an elevation of consciousness is required to align with our true Self.

Let’s take a simple example of how this works in real life. You may desire a loving, passionate, committed relationship, but your ego holds beliefs which prohibits this from manifesting. When you keep trying to create this passionate, loving relationship, working diligently at it from an egoic place, you often repel the very thing you deeply desire because you have not let go of the belief system that created the current absence of this relationship in your life. You are in conflict with your Soul’s desire.

In a desire entrenched in ego, you will try to force this relationship into being, going on dates with the wrong people, engaging in unhealthy patterns with the person you are already with, or using a broken set of tools to try to “get” love. The way to step out of the ego and into the heart so that you can align with your Soul’s desire is to let go.

You need to step into a void where your egoic beliefs will be shattered.

You may feel extremely uncomfortable as this lower aspect of your consciousness fights to remain in charge, but if you understand that the ego is at odds with our Greater Intelligence – that it is going to feel extremely uncomfortable when you start to align with a greater consciousness – then it can start to get a little easier.

By letting go, you will begin to see that the ego has its own standards, agenda, and set of desires which are based in those “get” motivations: sex, greed, self-aggrandizement, power, etc. However, the TRUE desires of the heart for connection, power, creativity, and love can only be met when the ego steps down from its reign.

If you feel afraid when you start to let go of old beliefs in order to align with your highest, heart-based desires see this as a good sign. It is an indication that your ego is threatened.

If you have strong desires for fame and money or someone “hot” to show up with you at a party, instead of a desire for love, passion, connection, joy, etc., then you know you are stuck in your ego, and your ability to manifest these desires will be relativity weak.

Moreover, your ego will cause you to suffer more and more, the longer that you ignore the magnetic pull of your heart’s true desires.

However, when the heart is allowed to take precedence, you will see “miracles” happen. This is because in order for heart-aligned reality to manifest, you must raise your consciousness, and the result is a letting go of dated, damaging beliefs held in place by the ego’s machinations.

The heart will pull you out of your comfort zone, but the more you allow this, the more you will manifest your Soul’s desires – and these are far more rewarding and joyful than any desire of the limited ego

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