Understanding the Language of the Spirit

Understanding the Language of the Spirit

When learning the language of the spirit we often have a difficult time understanding the information presented to us. We may pray or meditate, and wonder when we’ll get an answer to our questions. We wonder if we are even being ignored.  While we should be aware that we are always answered – we should also understand that we will sometimes be answered in language that we aren’t familiar with.


One of the many ways spirit will talk to us – or Infinite Intelligence – is when we sleep. This is one of the rare times in our experience within a physical form, that our conscious mind, or egoic mind is at rest, and messages from the super consciousness and subconscious mind can come to the fore.


Psychologist, Carl Jung, called the super consciousness, the “collective unconscious.” Within this consciousness, lies the possibility for creating anything and everything that we can possibly conceive of.


These distinctions are important because the way the conscious mind processes information is by thinking. It makes distinctions, weighs, deliberates, frets, and analyzes information, in order to choose which way to go, or how to react. The conscious mind, unless trained, rarely makes a choice based on the wisdom of the super consciousness – which presents its information in symbols and archetypes.


When we ask for guidance, it rarely comes in the form of analytical thought that we can tear apart with our egos and second guess. Divine guidance it a form of knowing, without an intellectual reason, in many cases, that something is true, or that we should speak to a certain person, or cross the street at a certain moment. Super conscious or Infinite Intelligence tells us what to do in the symbols of our dreams, or in non-verbal communication that we feel in our hearts or minds.


The language of the spirit was designed this way for a purpose. If we could dissect it infinitely, its Truth might be watered down or distorted by the ego. It might also be mistaken for the language of the ego itself, which would be very misleading. When spirit speaks to us, it also needs to follow the laws of the Universe, which include free will. It cannot be forceful or garish. Spirit does not speak loudly, and its very presence must be asked for or welcomed by the person seeking guidance.


When we seek guidance, the first thing we should do is to become quiet. This is why a meditative state is ideal. In certain brain wave states, images, and archetypes, along with non-verbal communication are more likely to pass through the layers of ego we have erected, and reach us. In ancient times, people spoke with their Higher Intelligence all day, several times a day, without thinking twice about it, and so guidance was something they could take for granted. They had not yet developed the “belief” that spirit was hard to hear.


Ancient people also honored traditions which allowed the nature of man to be infused with the spiritual in every waking moment instead of relegating this profound part of our existence into the few spare moments they could spare after work, family, friends, and other commitments had been fulfilled.


Only in modern times do we feel, through our conditioned patterns, that asking for guidance and getting it should be such an ordeal. We’ve also lost the ability to easily translate its language.


For instance, when you dream you will learn to interpret the people and situations in your dreams as messages from spirit, which are not meant to be interpreted literally, but as symbolic language that hints to an idea or a feeling. A snake is rarely just a snake, for example. This could represent a subconscious fear, or even a possible kundalini awakening, but until you learn to understand the language of spirit it can be very difficult to interpret what the symbols mean.


However, once you get used to hearing spirit’s call, you’ll see messages everywhere. The exact information you need might be in a stranger’s conversation with another person while you are waiting for a taxi, or in a book, in a movie or while you are having a conversation with a friend.


How will you know you’ve gotten a message from spirit? It will by a quite nudge, but you can’t deny it or distort it easily with ego. It will “hit you in the gut, or the heart” and you’ll know it isn’t from “this world” – the world obsessed with ego and material form. You’ll know you’ve accessed Higher Intelligence when the message is clear and simple, and when you’ve truly begun to listen and pay attention.

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