Using Telluric Fields to Recharge Your Energy

Using Telluric Fields to Recharge Your Energy

Telluric currents, also called simply, “Earth currents” were known by ancient cultures, with tales of ancient people being able to detect them. They are also studied extensively by modern geophysicists.[1]  [2]

There are both man-made telluric currents and currents which are caused by and influenced by solar radiation and the earth’s interaction with other planets in the solar system. They are also shaped by electrochemistry events, atmospheric electricity, ionospheric conditions, solar activity, and geomagnetism. They can be detected close to the Earth’s surface and along the ocean floor.

Modern scientists measure these currents with precise tools including quantum sensors. [3]

Many of the ancient megaliths around the world, including places like Göbekli Tepe,[4] [5] the megaliths of Gornaya Shoria in Russia, the many massive stones in Egypt, Siberia, Lebanon, the Moai Stones in Easter Island, protruding stones from the Earth in Ireland and elsewhere, are all tools that tap into telluric energy.

Anomalies near these megaliths have been detected infrared light, electromagnetic energy, and other scientifically “confusing” events like a higher frequency of light “orbs.” These sites are much more than just stones resurrected to honor an ancient aristocracy or to mark a funerary spot.

For example, in 1983 engineer Charles Brooker located high levels of magnetism in ancient sacred sites that are placed to take advantage of telluric energy. He used a magnetometer to measure electromagnetic energy at the Rollright stone circle in England. He found that the stones encourage a magnetic force through a narrow gap of the stones which acts as a physical entrance.

In 1986, scientists A. Jensine Andresen and Mark Bonchek of Princeton conducted similar studies to corroborate Brooker’s findings.[6]

This matters because of the effect on our own electromagnetic field, and consciousness when in the presence of these megalithic structures. Balanced, calm, receptive brainwaves usually oscillate at a certain frequency. Between 7-13 Hz we are calm yet alert, and can make decisions about life without reacting on old programming. Higher states are also available to us, that range from 4 Hz all the way up to 400 Hz and higher.

It has been reported that people who tap into telluric fields (via certain geographic locations placed purposefully to raise consciousness) experience an altered brainwave state, and thus a changed experience of reality. It is a paradigm-shifting experience that allows us to step out of worn-out interactions with others and ourselves.

Because these telluric fields are present the world over, we can find the nearest “highly-charged” location and bask in its energies in order to alter our conscious state.

These megaliths are gifts from our ancient ancestors which can help to rebalance brain waves that have become chaotic due to stress, a poor diet, lack of exercise, trauma, pollution, environmental toxicity, and more.

Meditation and other practices do the very same thing, but in many cases, we must spend years practicing to learn how to calm our chaotic brain patterns. Telluric recharging allows the energy of the entire cosmos to penetrate our electromagnetic field, and to alter our cognitive functioning.

It is called a spiritual experience by many who experience the energy of the megaliths because it allows them to reconnect with their spiritual selves – which is merely a higher level of conscious awareness that permits them to think, behave, and just be more connected to the world at large.

All you must do to take advantage of telluric energy is to sit calmly in a charged spot, ideally with bare feet, and as much of your bare skin touching the earth or the stone as possible, and to be open to the experience. If you want to meditate or practice a cleaning ceremony that is wonderful, but no extra practice must be engaged in to take advantage of the profound heling offered by Universal energy.

If you want to learn more about this energy, read my book The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness: Soul Restructuring. I talk at length about how to cleanse energetic chaos and to use telluric forces to help restart your life.


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