Astral Healing: What It Is And How to Apply It

Astral Healing: What It Is And How to Apply It

Astral healing is a method that we use every day on an energetic level, but that is not necessarily perceived by our physical senses. With astral healing we can heal energetically the astral body for this to be absorbed or represented on the physical body.⠀

To heal the astral body we need to transfer our consciousness to the astral level; this can be done by:⠀

  • Self-induced meditative state
  • During some states of sleep
  • Through a higher consciousness connection, like for example the Higher Self.

The third way is probably the easiest and most reliable, unless you are an experienced healer with control and awareness of your consciousness levels.

When working with the High Self, we can ask specifically to apply the healing or to define what needs to be healed. High Self will apply the healing vibrationally, and tell you if there is anything else that you need to do in the physical level.

There are many ways to communicate with the High Self:

First, let’s clarify the concept of High Self; in the higher realms, there is a very complex organization of frequencies according to their levels of consciousness and functions. They can be accessed for guidance or assistance. The High Self committee is in charge of helping us find and succeed in our life purpose. It also acts as a messenger or representative, between us and even higher realms of consciousness.

You can have more than one member in your High Self committee. Ideally, you should have only one or two. You can ask, by simply directing your attention to the High Self committee and saying: “Dear High Self, please remove the members of my High Self committee and replace them for the most efficient and appropriate members to help me in my mission in this life. Please replace them for beings that support my positive programs 100%, and reduce them to the minimum number for a better communication”.

When we have too many beings (frequencies) in the same role, it can get a little bit confusing, and things can take longer than needed. With one or two beings in the High Self committee, we can communicate much faster.

Communication with our higher beings or higher consciousness frequencies can happen in many ways:

  • Through developed spiritual abilities: Clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, free-writing
  • In dreams
  • In meditation
  • With a pendulum and connection phrases

This last method is what I use in the Soul Reprogramming Method to communicate with the committees, to apply the reprogramming and restructuring of the body.

Once you are in this space, you can give the healing commands to the committee, they will apply it or will let you know the reason why a person, animal, space or thing is not able to heal. Some people have placed blockages to being healed by specific people or under specific circumstances.

I personally had to deal with this situation. For many years my mother suffered of Parkinson’s disease, with astral healing I helped her improve the many underlying conditions that caused that illness and the pain associated with it. There were many emotional factors involved, the most important one was the fact that being ill was the most effective way that her soul found to get attention from my dad and I. Illness was the solution to unite her family, even if it was at the expense of suffering physically.

Something else that I found out was that her soul was in a process of ascension to Angel of Light level. And it is a belief from the “Old Order” or old dharma, that these beings need to suffer in the physical body to completely accept and embrace their spiritual self. This is now changing. There are elements of the “New Order” in the entire cosmos replacing all the elements of the Old Order. This allows us to choose positive programs that actively help us discover our spiritual aspects without the need for suffering. This is what we do proactively during soul restructuring, as explained in my book The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness: Soul Restructuring.

This is also something that we do during reprogramming, in which soul restructuring is a part of, and what we call: The upgrade of the operating system.

After a few sessions of removing negative elements, replacing the old for the new and implanting positive qualities to the soul. I was able to help my mom make her pain manageable, to the point that was no longer a matter of concern. However, she still continued to decline physically, her subconscious desire to remain ill to unite the family was stronger than her desire to heal, but at least she had no more pain.

Keep in mind that Parkinson’s pain is not something that goes away with medicine, at least the type that she had didn’t. She was intolerant to pain killers, and these reduced the effect of the Levodopa, that was the drug that kept the Parkinson’s under control (according to western medicine). 

She underwent regular checkups, the functions of her organs and blood were exceptional, she felt better than ever. Her body and brain functions continued to decline because of the severe damage to the brain cells and neurotransmitters, caused by the disease that was irreversible (according to common belief and her own). But she was at peace and accepted her condition peacefully.

This lasted for almost 10 years. Unfortunately, other emotional events took place, causing a big depression that led to her death. 

The point of this is that,  astral healing brought amazing results and extended her life expectancy which was only of 6 or 7 years, also improved her condition tremendously. The events that led to her death were unrelated in a way to the disease itself, but had to do more with her giving up because the disease was not enough to keep the union in the family as she expected. 

When these events occurred, the Soul Reprogramming Method was not completed yet. I used charts and a pendulum to communicate, connection prayers and asked the High Self committee for instructions.

After her death, I was granted the use of this tool, with the wisdom and understanding of when, where, and why to apply it. As well as, a clear explanation of the need for replacing the elements of the Old Order for those of the New Order.

I hope we can bring astral healing to many people and places, all we need is an open mind and heart to heal together.

Love & Light!


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