How to Balance the Discordant Energy of Abuse of Power

How to Balance the Discordant Energy of Abuse of Power

When dealing with a person or a group of people who presents the discordant energy of abuse of power, we could be looking at various root causes, but in general we can assert that we are dealing with an imbalance of the element of fire.

The element of fire has to do with actions, will power, motivation.

We can help someone neutralize the imbalance by introducing as many water elements as possible to them or to their surroundings. If we are dealing with a spouse or our children, we can make sure they don’t eat foods that contain fire elements, such as spices, peppers, radishes, meats, etc. instead this person should eat foods that contain water such as fruits and vegetables, foods that are fresh and refreshing.

Also, we can bring to their immediate environment flower vases with water, a water pitcher, plants on water, a decorative waterfall; and we can make sure the predominant colors in their environment also resemble water. Colors on the blue scale, whites, light gray, greens will help them balance the excess of the fire element.

If we are the ones presenting this imbalance and we want to heal, that will give us the opportunity to release the imbalance from the root when restructuring the soul and resetting the mental body, but when dealing with another person’s imbalance there are also things that we can do to promote an environment that balances the excess of the element of fire.

A balanced fire element promotes the activation of other qualities that are fire-centered, such as taking action, motivation, will power, etc. while an imbalance of this element, whether if it is too much or too little brings about its negative polarities.

Watch this video to see how you can balance this energy.


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