Who or What is Taking Your Energy?

Who or What is Taking Your Energy?

Have you ever felt that your energy suddenly changes when you are surrounded by certain people, or perhaps when you receive news that bring you down?

Is it possible to keep our energy constant all the time?

The reason why you feel energetic changes when you interact with others, when your experiences change, or when you manage negative thoughts is because everything- including yourself- is made of energy, therefore, what you are experiencing is the energetic exchange between you and anything else.

Your thoughts, emotions, ideas, and beliefs have an energetic frequency too, not because they apparently come from you, they are in the same energetic frequency as you. These immaterial experiences have their own energy and they will affect you as long as you allow them to remain in you without properly transmuting them.

The energetic transmutation of your own thoughts, beliefs, emotions, ideas, and any other pattern is a process that consists in:

- Becoming aware of the stored pattern

- Realizing that this pattern is influencing you and distorting your experience

- Making the inner choice of changing this pattern (this is why changes imposed by others don't usually last)

- Making your new choice a new habit by implementing it and developing familiarity

Because of our energetic nature an energy drain can be external or internal, it only depends on to what extent you internalize energy from each source.

Sometimes our own thoughts are more draining than the energy that comes from other people, other times when you have developed enough self-awareness and your thoughts are aligned with your nature and purpose, then your biggest threat is mainly from external sources.

It all depends how far you allow any energy to enter your own, and how you process it, either creating an identification with it or transmuting in any way you need until it becomes harmless or beneficial in some way.

For example, if you live with someone who critizices you and complains about you constantly, but for some reason you are still living with that person, your two options are to internalize what this person tells you, developing an identity about these critics; or to reinforce your own persona, not letting the critics affect you in any ways.

In the first case, your energy is drained; in the second case, your energy is reinforced.

You have the power to be the alchemist for the energies that you allow in yourself.

However, energetic parasites are wise and they know that they can get more out of you if they implant gates that make their access easier. For example, using emotions that lower your self-awareness and make you more exposed are: 







And many more. 

This is why manipulative people take the time to learn their target's vulnerable points and use them later as tools for controlling their victim's mind and behavior.

But there's always something we can do to improve and work on closing these gates. It's in our hands to be honest about ourselves and respond to our vulnerabilities to help us strengthening them. 

A daily log will help you notice how you react to every day's experiences and what emotions are involved in the process. That simple act of awareness is a great start to begin having more self-awareness and self-control.

Use this week to work on this first step of developing more self awareness and see how you react to various circumstances, then evaluate if you could have done it differently.

In the next post we will work with the second step of realizing how these emotions are influencing your experiences.


Recommended practice: https://youtu.be/vNi9Y-d_W7w

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