How Kinesthesia Can Help You Identify Hidden Emotions, Beliefs, Ideas and Physical Imbalances

How Kinesthesia Can Help You Identify Hidden Emotions, Beliefs, Ideas and Physical Imbalances

Kinesthesia has been used for centuries as a way to identify the physical response to emotions, thoughts, pain, or physical conditions.

Kinesthesia consists in a physical response, like a muscular contraction or relaxation for example, when our body is presented with a question, stimuli, trigger, etc.

This question is internalized by the body, and the body responds with the information that it has stored, causing a contraction or relaxation of a muscle, skin, or organ if the body agrees or disagrees with such question.

Of course this is ideal for most psychosomatic questions which have to do with how our body resonates with what is being presented to us, or with the identification of certain information that the body is storing within. 

A kinesthetic test won't be able to tell you if your wife or husband is cheating on you or whether they love you or not.

Things you can ask your body using a kinesthetic test are:

- Do I have stored emotions?

- Am I managing guilt?

- Is guilt stored in any body part?

- Is guilt stored in my arms?

- Is guilt stored in my head?

And so on, until we can identify where the emotion is stored.

Once the emotion and storage have been identified, you can work on releasing the emotion through various methods such as tapping, visualization (both of which I describe in my book Soul Restructuring), pressure points and detoxing foods (which I describe in my book Cellular Activation), or through resetting the subconscious and mindset altogether (which I describe in my book True Self Perception). 

Currently I am also working on a book focused specifically on emotional release, called Emotional Response where you will be able to find each muscular or organ group and the most common emotions associated with them, as well as techniques to release such emotions on the spot.

Another technique that I manage and that I will be sharing with you more in depth is called Biomagnetism. This method uses magnets to balance the poles of the body and help improve the immune, nervous, or other systems to reach optimal balance. 

In biomagnetism, we also use a kinesthetic test which consist in placing a negative pole magnet over a part of the body where it's believed to be a storage of bacteria, virus, fungus, disease in general, or also emotions, and as a consequence one of our legs contracts and seems to be shorter than the other. 

This contraction indicates the biomagnetist that the part of the body where the magnet is placed, is in fact creating a resonance that needs to be balanced by placing another magnet or a set of magnets in other parts of the body until the leg contraction stops and both legs appear to be the same size again.

With the magnets, we can find an active point where an emotion is stored and by placing the opposite pole magnet in an area of the body that serves as counter part for the emotion, the body can depolarize itself from the imbalance that this emotion is causing and help reestablish a more balanced emotional state.

I will be sharing more about this technique soon as well. Stay tuned!


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