What Happens First? Emotions or Physical Tension?

Bio-Energetics and Somatic Healing are both proponents that some mental and emotional conditions can improve and/or be healed when we release the physical tension or physical expression that they represent.
There's a direct connection between our body, our nervous terminals, and the trigger of specific emotions. Emotions are not random, they happen following a pattern of communication within our body. 
Emotions are physiological before they are psychological. 
But, how can these ironically "alternative" sciences help us?
I say alternative because there's no reason why they are not our primary ways of healing, other than insurance companies won't be making the astronomical amounts of money they are making now, as there would be far less people experiencing symptoms of dis-ease.
1- The first thing that comes to mind is that, we have an immense power in our own hands to reestablish our health.
2- Second, is that we are responsible for our own health, but we ultimately choose to put it in someone else's hands.
3- And third, is that we can apply many techniques to help our body release tension and make our mind and emotions more balanced, and as a consequence, prevent many other physical or mental conditions.
In a video I shared with you to release tension in the abdomen to achieve better breathing and reduce stress, you can enjoy some of the effects of somatic healing.
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In this other video about "tapping" you can also learn how somatic healing works by using the signs of your physical body to identify emotions and to also know when they are being triggered or have been completely released.
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In my most recent book "Find Your Calm." I offer a step by step process of finding calm, starting with calming the body through a series of breathing exercises.
It would be less practical and much more difficult to try to attain emotional calm while our body is not at ease.
These practices will help you develop a maintenance mindset, in which you can enter a restructuring state of your mind and body as soon as you identify you are not in calm. This is another great tool to not only practice somatic healing but to make it a habit.
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Whichever way you decide to start, you have plenty tools to here on the Healers of the Light website to get started in the practice of emotional healing and to start learning to identify what your body is trying to say.
Awareness heals.

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