Balancing Our Elements to Make Difficult Decisions

Balancing Our Elements to Make Difficult Decisions

Some personality types, especially those high in water element (emotional), have trouble deciding whether staying or leaving a situation that seems to have reached it’s maximum level of growth.

I remember years ago, when I was more fire than water element, it was so easy to quit something even without any apparent reason, just because it’s good to change from time to time and start all over again. I actually enjoyed it and looked forward to it because I knew that with the experience that I had gained, I was ready to start fresh minus the mistakes, and conquer whatever I was trying to do.

What a wonderful thing to have the ability to do that!

I never regretted a single decision made for improvement.

But now that I am more water than fire, because this is what I need to be able to write books about consciousness and share with you stories from my heart, it has become a little harder than before making decisions from my gut, as I am more aware of my heart. Although something inside of me tells me, “you have done this before and you are OK!”

However, I have learned with time that everything is a matter of perception. And if today, I give you the most logical, novel price award worthy explanation of why you should end something that has no more room for growth, and you still remain petrified without taking any action, that is most likely because your perception of the matter is influenced by a chemical or energetic imbalance which are parallel and interconnected.

Difficult decisions require physical preparation to balance our elements. If you feel passive and emotional, this is not the right environment to make important changes.

First, bring your fire element back and make sure that you are able to hold it for a while until the entire thing passes, with withdraws and all. The fire element requires that you raise your levels of serotonin and dopamine.

Include in your diet foods that contain fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and pickles or foods that contain iron, like spinach, kale, lentils, beans, pumpkin seeds, and tofu. Also beans like, kidney, white, black beans, green and string beans, and also avocado, nuts and seeds.

Start a workout routine! It doesn’t have to be long or aerobic as in too many repetitions. The best way of triggering the chemistry in the body is by holding positions for longer, like what you do in yoga, Pilates, planking, etc.This takes care of the chemical part which is what we need.

If you have the time or desire to make it a full workout you can do so, but for the decision making process, a daily session of 30 minutes of holding positions for as long as you can, and changing around in between so you don’t hurt yourself, will be enough to help you being more assertive in your decision making process.

May consciousness guide you.

And remember that preparation is the key for success!


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