Conversations with the Chohans #1. Chapter I: ~Ether~ Origins and Evolution

Conversations with the Chohans #1. Chapter I: ~Ether~ Origins and Evolution

This is a compilation of dialogues with the Chohans, the 7 creators or Masters of the universe. They hold the truths of creation and evolution of space. They hold the truths of the entire creation as a whole and the entire creation as a part of the mind of God. You may only see a monologue, but actually a series of mental questions arise through the writing that give form to this final product.

The Chohans do not hold the truths about God itself because no one can do that, but they have seen the universe grow in front of their eyes from the first breath to the last.

In this chapter, we are mainly discussing the Ether, as this is the most important revelation for this round of evolution. Ether holds the secret and only way to move in space, if we understand ether, we know the ALL.

This is not the simplest theory, and is also not a theory but a concept. However, many will contest it and name it theory. We don’t really mind, names are not determinant to what is.

We will discuss some important information regarding the relationship between humans, ether and other elements in the galaxy as well as other galaxies and the communication between them through the ether.

The first part of this chapter will be dedicated to understanding the origins of ether, and the second part is about the practical use of ether.

Origins and Evolution

Our first quotes about ether go back to the origin of matter. Not all mater is dense, in fact, most of the matter in space is not dense at all, and is called ethereal matter. The fact that, all we know in our tri-dimensional reality is dense matter, makes it even harder for those with tri-dimensional consciousness understand the concept of ether, ethereal matter and etheric field.

We will try to give some examples in the best of our capacity to bring some light to these important concepts.

In our daily life, at this point in evolution, called the 4th and a half round, we will be facing a very important decision to make, it is either remaining grounded and attached to the tri-dimensional consciousness or moving with the rest of the planets and the entire galaxy to the next round of evolution, called 5th round, 5th dimension or the New Lemuria.

We will develop that concept further later in this book.

The matter in general can have many forms and also be formless, it can be composed of one or all of the universal elements which in total are 7. In our 3D world, we manage only 4: water, fire, air and earth; and we recently started to talk about ether.

The other 2 elements are the Alpha and Omega, and the phosphorus.

Alpha and Omega are the element that gives birth to eternal life, and phosphorus is the end of all life.

Creation of ether

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