The Living Universe is Inside You

The Living Universe is Inside You

Materialist science arose at the end of the nineteenth century from the philosophies of intelligent minds like Newton and Democratis. It has been helpful in the sense that it allows scientists to search for and understand many phenomena – from atoms and molecules to economies and even ecological systems, but it is urgently time to evolve from this limited and pedantic understanding of ourselves and the Universe of which we are a part. 

The materialist view presupposes that all things can be broken down into parts – that is what a machine is after all – an object which is a set of non-conscious parts that cannot act with its own will, but must be acted upon by some outside force.  Materialism also sees the Universe, at large, as dead instead of alive, certainly not conscious and ever-changing.

This is why, in part, modern medicine has failed to address the all-important energetic influences of the mind-body which forms us as a person, and why to a certain extent, aside from setting bones and fighting germs with some effectiveness it is only beginning to address key truths abundant in a LIVING Universe.

If the energies of the Intelligent Universe cannot be measured, then they must not exist, and therefore are not real. Not unlike the early assumptions by scientists who were trying to work against religion-infused dogmas, who were trying to take “God,” or “Angels” out of the equation because they were not provable entities. Never mind that the “Big Bang” theory was taken as fact without a shred of proof, but that’s for another conversation.

The materialists are also atomists (seeing the atom as the smallest constituent part of the larger machine), who then became quarkists and leptonists (believing that quarks or leptins were the smallest constituent part of the machine) but there are likely smaller particles that go to infinity, and even leading-edge quantum science has evaluated quarks to find that they behave more like waves of probability, that is vibrating energy, rather than finite “things.”

If we see the atoms, cells, DNA, and other “parts” of our bodies as nothing more than inanimate, non-conscious, and dead, then we can continue to splice and dice, measure the genome to no end, and apply outside forces to the “machinery” of the human being with expected and measurable outcomes, but they will all fail. You needn’t look much further than the U.S. healthcare system to see the reductionist, materialist view of medicine failing.  Americans spend twice what any other country does on “healing” yet gets half as good a result.

The problem is that non-measurable and seemingly conscious and flowing intelligence is altering the Universe no matter how far up and how far down we look into the “parts” of the supposed machine.

On both microscopic levels, and levels that are so vast we cannot even fathom them let alone measure them very accurately, an intelligent, fractal, interconnected Universe is constantly becoming.

A new study described by the Resonance Project and published in the Journal of NanoQuantology titled “Consciousness of the Universe is Scale Invariant and Implies an Event Horizon of the Human Brain” helps to redefine how consciousness behaves in the Universe. There have been many recent breakthroughs that define the Universe as a holo-fractal, ever-present collection of interplaying wave-particles. This is an important distinction to make so that you don’t fall under the spell of materialist science.

The study suggests that in a fractal organization (like the Intelligent Universe) the degree of complexity of the system is scale-free. This means that you can zoom in or zoom out forever and never find an end to the patterns that reiterate themselves.

This is why we find star-matter in our bodies (we’re 97 percent the same stuff that makes stars) including hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, sulfur, phosphorous, and nitrogen but this is not the “stuff” that hems in our total existence. We are, beyond these elements, no matter how similar to the Universe at large, the intelligence behind the pattern.

As Jala ad Din Rumi, the Sufi poet said, “Consciousness sleeps in minerals, dreams in plants, wakes up in animals, and becomes self-aware in humans.”

This is why what you think affects your cells, your atoms, and your DNA – this is but the wave particle suggestion of there being a YOU at all.

This is why your intelligent choice to act in love, acceptance and forgiveness changes your heart-rate variability and your heart-brain coherence, and probably affects the body in myriad ways that medical science is struggling to grasp, in the same way that physicists are still struggling to understand the quark.

As described by Chang Tzu in Daoist books, “This is the Tao–it may be apprehended by the mind, but it cannot be seen. It has Its root and ground of existence in Itself. Before there was heaven and Earth, It was securely existing. From It came the mysterious existences of spirits, from It the mysterious existence of God. It produced heaven. It produced Earth.”

You are the Universe looking back at itself from an infinite perspective. Choose the lens through which you will “create” your experience, and the wave-form will collapse to reflect that choice. The Universe is in You.

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