Conversations with the Chohans #2. Chapter I: ~Ether~Black holes and their origin in the universal paradigm

Conversations with the Chohans #2. Chapter I: ~Ether~Black holes and their origin in the universal paradigm

-When we refer to paradigm, we mean the model in which everything was formed we have a new paradigm since 2012, that is the New Lemuria.-

Black holes are located strategically throughout the entire galaxy, not only in this galaxy but in many others. There are some galaxies that don’t have anything at all, that have reached the Nirvana, that’s why we say some instead of ALL.

We need to make some clear distinctions when we talk about the ALL and the partial elements of the ALL. The ALL is the unnamed, unthinkable, unspeakable, all mighty ALL. Galaxies are part of the ALL.

The black holes exist for specific reasons, from which we will name only those pertaining 3rd dimensional and some 5th dimensional consciousness, there is no point in discussing 7th dimensional consciousness at this very moment.

  • The earth is only a prototype: Planet earth, in its 3rd dimensional consciousness is a prototype created to understand some of the issues that human race encountered on their 7th round of evolution, also known as 7th Dimension 
  • The earth’s galaxy is not the only one: There are other galaxies with similar characteristics and life as this one, however, they may not be reached with the traditional, tri-dimensional technology. It is foolish to believe that we can reach other dimensions from our tri-dimensional consciousness.
  • The news are the news: This is a half paradox that created the black hole situated on top of this galaxy. It means, basically that this is not a negotiable item. The term was given and is approaching culmination. It may take millions of years of human tri-dimensional time but it is written.
  • Finally, the news are also new for others, this means that other galaxies will also be sucked into the black holes that were placed strategically near them to allow them to reach the nirvana when their project is completed

You will notice that in the universe, almost everything was created from the idea. The idea starts usually with a paradox, that’s why you will notice these across my writings. The paradox that created the galaxy, is: the day of creation is the day of the human life.

A paradox, is usually composed by two truths that may or may not contradict each other when put together in a sentence.

When a black hole is created, there is only one sentence with one truth. This imbalance makes it incomplete and hence, creates a black hole. These are alive, and for very long time are waiting for the other truth to complete the paradox.

Once the creator gives the order to complete the paradox, the black hole sucks up the entire galaxy and the end, as we know it reaches that space.

The space is then known as the emptiness or ether. Ether is the largest element in the universe, this has happened many times, over and over in the history of the universe.

Ether is created from the dissolution of a galaxy or any other element in the universe that gets destroyed or dissolved. There is no empty space per se, everything is filled with ether, but ether needs to be created, it doesn’t move like air, it doesn’t expand on the space. It just is. When something is dissolved, then that dissolution creates ether.

The universe needs ether to breathe, not like a human does, but more like a plant, without lunges, but by osmosis.

Back to the subject, as you could have realized by now, the moment that humanity evolves to their 7th round, is when the galaxy is sucked into the black hole. Higher beings hope that the entire humanity makes the shift into 5th and 7th dimensions as they should to allow them to relocate before then.

It is not very smart to try to find the galaxies flying in a rocket, with tri-dimensional mindsets. Instead it is necessary to raise the minds to a higher consciousness and then attempt to travel using non-tridimensional methods. In other words, using the ether to travel in space rather than a tangible object.

However, as God gave us all free will, there will be some that will want to stay. They have their right to choose.

What is inside a black hole is simply that, darkness. There is nothing inside of them, they are just malformed ideas.

God has learned the bad way, that it is better to have a black hole in every galaxy to prevent any possible subversive act from one galaxy to another. There was a time when a superior race decided to take over other galaxies and that was not a very happy ending for either.

From that moment on, God prohibited any attempt to conquer or submit to another galaxy, unless he approves such action. Both actions are prohibited, the act of conquering and the act of surrendering, one cannot exist without the other, hence, both are denied.

There are some black holes that are situated on top of the entire all, and their force is so powerful that they could suck in the entire ALL in just a fraction of a second. The evolution of the universe itself, consist in finding the other truth that completes the paradox, this truth is written in an unspeakable language, that has no words, or sounds, it is mind space.

There are many misconceptions about black holes, the biggest one being, the attempts of going to the interior of one believing that some form of life will be found. That is only a foolish way to commit suicide. Besides, the black hole never starts and never ends, so that the person will try for an eternity to reach it and will never seem to find the entrance or exit. It is an illusory mental space, that is not dense at all, it is light as air or lighter. Have you ever tried to enter and exit air with your tri-dimensional transportation? Can any of you say that you entered the air or are outside of air space per se? We are not talking about clouds, distance or atmosphere, we are using simply air to explain the density of the black hole.

Another misconception is related to the negative aspect of ending existence, there is no way that something can exist unless it also does not exist at some point. Everything without exception has a polarity even existence, which is non-existence. Then we have a new paradigm for the existence of black holes, they start with non-existence, before the paradox is completed, then they exist into ether.

I hope this cleared some doubts about black holes. Feel free to request a topic of interest and we (The Chohans) will gladly address it as simply put as possible.

Evolution of Ether

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