Crystal Healing: Real or Pseudoscience?

Crystal Healing: Real or Pseudoscience?

Crystals are the most orderly physical structure in the known Universe, millions of years old, and forged during the earliest moments of earth’s creation. They have the lowest amount of entropy (rate at which a substance or system becomes disordered), yet they respond to energies all around them, while causing a specific vibratory rate which stays forever consistent.

Jeffrey Goodman, author of Psychic Archelogy, and former consultant in geology to the oil industry, believes that human beings started using crystals for healing purposes more than 100,000 years ago, at least in North America.

The Atlanteans Use of Crystals

The Atlanteans famously used crystals to affect changes in the mental, spiritual and physical energies of a person. These crystal technologies, like any other technology of man, were subject to misuse – and were thought to cause the subsequent downfall of Atlantis.

Edgar Cayce said that the largest “laser-crystal” generator is buried under the Atlantic Ocean near the Devil’s Triangle, and this massive shift of unfocused electromagnetic energy is what causes ships and planes to go astray – but modern scientists still seem perplexed by crystals’ ancient healing power.

Later in human history, the Egyptians and Tibetans rediscovered crystals for use not only in healing, but for energy creation, transport, and other applications – just as the Atlanteans had used them.

Ample evidence exists to prove that “energy of form” is attracted by, stored in, and emanated from model representations of the Great Pyramid, as well as in the Pyramid itself, and many believe that the pyramids and other stone structures throughout the world act as energy oscillators, generators, and amplifiers just as crystals do.

Under a microscope, there can be trillions of different states of matter, yet crystals seem to stay true to their divine geometry, regardless of what is around them.

The Platonic Solids

Though Plato was the first to notice the divine architecture of solids, and thus we name them the Platonic solids, there is evidence that the ancients were aware of crystalline energy and its underlying structure for eons. Often called the ‘flower of life’ and other names, this geometry is in quartz and other crystals, and appears to be fractal within them.

Crystals of other colors seem to resonate with the different frequencies of the body, by affecting the chakras. Though there is no scientific method which we can measure this energetic effect, the ancients used crystal healing and understood the way that divine geometry in crystals could heal the human form.

Only recently has science been able to come up with methods of measuring qi, or the human bio-energetic field, and it is likely that science will be able to do the same with crystal energy at some point in our future.

Interestingly, crystal healing is no different than acupuncture, reiki, or any other type of energy healing in that it assumes that physical principles are influenced by an organizing field. Indigenous systems of healing have understood this for centuries.

More specifically quartz crystals have the shape of one of the five Platonic solids:

  • The Tetrahedron with four triangular sides, which provides balance and stability, energetically.
  • The Cube or hexahedron with 6 square sides, which provides grounding energetically.
  • The Octahedron, with 8 triangular sides which provides for compassion.
  • The Dodecahedron with 12 pentagonal sides, aligned with the ‘face’ of the divine within, or your Higher Power.
  • The Icosahedron with 20 triangular sides, which indicate movement and harmony.

Quartz is most notable for its ability to augment healing energy or to focus it. It is thought that you can amplify and clarify a thought by using a crystal. Pressure on quartz crystal generates a minute electrical charge called piezoelectricity, which is thought to affect the human bio-energetic field.

Most crystals have a hexagonal, symmetrical shape. This is a basic form in geometry, mentioned in the Plantonic solids, as in the theories of physics and atomic energy, and is a universal, perfect form in is what amplifies healing intentions and present healing energy.

Since the cells, atoms and molecules vibrate at a certain rate in the human body, as do the chakras, or energy centers of the etheric body, quartz, amethyst and other crystals can help to interact with this vibratory rate, either slowing it or quickening it as needed to induce the body’s natural healing intelligence.

Nikola Tesla on Crystal Energy

Nikola Tesla also offered us some insights about how crystals work, since he refers to their frequency and vibration of energy in his extensive work. He stated,

“In crystal we have a pure evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and although in spite of everything we cannot understand the life of crystals – it is still a living being.” 

Tesla also understood what the ancients did, that “all things have a frequency and vibration,” and “crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation.”

Crystal Healing in the Book of Stones

According to the Book of Stones,

“When we bring the crystal into our electromagnetic field, two things occur. The electromagnetic frequencies carried by the stone will vibrate with related frequencies in our own energy field through the physical law of resonance, creating a third larger vibration field.

The nervous system is attuned to these shifts in energy and transmits this information to the brain. Here the frequencies stimulate biochemical shifts that affect the physical body and shift brain function.” (Simmons & Ahsian 2005, 28)

Ancient Knowledge of Crystals

Different cultures have used crystals for millennia:

  • Ground lapis lazuli and malachite used to be ground into eye liner and used by the Egyptians.
  • Pharaohs kept copper cylinders of quartz to balance the yin and yang energies of the body.
  • The ancient Greeks rubbed themselves with hematite to become invisible before battle.
  • Amethyst was also worn by the Greeks to protect against drunkenness, arguments, and ‘bad’ energy.
  • The Romans commonly used crystals as talismans on long journeys, as medical treatment, and to protect themselves in battle.
  • The Hindu Vedas describe the use of crystals to treat specific medical conditions, as well as different properties of each crystal.
  • Ayurvedic doctors from India, China, and the Far East have used crystals for hundreds of not thousands of years as a form of medicine.
  • The Mayans and Aztecs used crystals to balance physical, emotional and spiritual energy.
  • American Indians were well acquainted with crystal healing powers.
  • Aboriginals in Australia used crystals for healing and divination.
  • Ancient Chinese Medicine used crystal needles for acupuncture.
  • Tibetan Buddhists believe that crystal spheres can carry spiritual power, and the Medicine Buddha is known as the “healing Master of Lapis Lazuli Radiance.”
  • Even Neolithic man used crystal and stone amulets made of Baltic amber and other materials (dating to 30,000 years ago) for healing.
  • Prehistoric humans built massive ‘burial chambers’ that were designed according to texture, weight, and vibrancy of certain crystal stones.

Take Away?  Crystal Healing is Very Real

Though modern scientists may not understand exactly how crystals help to heal the human form, it is doubtful that a medicine used so far and wide, throughout so many ancient cultures is a pseudoscience. More likely, it is a tremendous healing tool which has been kept secret so that some can profit on less natural, and toxic methods of ‘cure.’


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