Descartes’ Cartesian Theater and Holographic DNA

Descartes’ Cartesian Theater and Holographic DNA

The Cognitive Holodeck

To understand our DNA, we can start with the brain. Not the grey stuff floating between our ears, but how the brain acts and works. Within us, there is a cognitive holodeck. Our mental canvas where broad strokes are painted to create our reality. In philosophical terms, Dennet, the philosopher who tried to name this phenomenon, calling it the “Cartesian Theater”, which can be traced all the way back to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Keanu Reeves character, Neo, calls it the Matrix in the movie with the same title, and Star Trek fans will recognize the term holodeck as well. What’s even more bizarre is that our DNA is a holographic supercomputer beyond our reckoning.

No matter the metaphor you choose, understanding that the brain processes information like a quantum supercomputer which then causes us to experience reality from a subjective viewpoint is a great place to begin our discussion.

The Brain as a Super Computer

Stuart Hameroff and Penrose published a book entitled, ‘The Brain Is Both Neurocomputer and Quantum Computer.” This work helps us to understand that the brain is constantly computing reality, and it has been doing so for millennia – much longer than Silicon Valley has been toying with parts.

As we begin to understand how computers process information and render data into viewpoints; the virtual reality metaphor for dreaming up our lives becomes tacit.

DNA as a Super-Super Computer

We can take this understanding forward another step though. Our DNA has a “brain” of its own.  But really, each DNA cell IS a brain. An article recently published in Science News titled “Brain cells’ DNA Differs” The study shows that each neuron probably has its own unique genome.

A genome is the complete set of genes or genetic material present in a cell or organism. This new discovery suggests what ancient shamans and priests have always known – that we are living in a holographic Universe. Its intelligence is present as a whole in every single tiny element of that Universe – including our DNA.

Since the genome contains both the genes (coding regions that can process information) and the noncoding DNA (a term used by scientists who don’t yet understand that all our DNA is coded!) as well as mitochondria and chloroplasts, we have all the information we ever need to grow a complete, fully-realized Self. But since each little piece of DNA is like a quantum super-computer, it would only take one tiny piece of DNA to remake the whole, fully-realized Self.

As Above So Below

This also means that what affects a minuscule part affects the whole and vice versa.

Researchers are already tinkering with DNA, trying to figure out how to use it as a programming medium which would “blow quantum computing away.” Already scientists have figured out that using the bases – AGCT would quadruple the processing power that is inherent in 1s and 0s, however, they may not yet fathom that Infinite Intelligence stacks layers of information on these simple bases.

Research has also already confirmed that DNA can discern between multiple quantum states. Just imagine the informational storage and processing power of our own DNA! (Source: Science Daily)

Sat Chit Ananda

Since we also now know through theoretical physics experiments that information can bi-locate, we start to understand the ancient model for Infinite Wisdom or Infinite Intelligence (God), or what the Yogis called Sat Chit Ananda in Sanskrit, meaning All-Knowing, Ever-Present, All-Pervading Consciousness of Bliss.

Why is All-Knowing, Ever Present Consciousness bliss? Because it contains the ability to contain all possible realities, and all information within itself, while also understanding that it is creating itself in every millisecond of each moment if created time. What is fascinating is that this code is in our DNA. Our DNA contains non-changing TRUTH. This is our absolute being.

From here, we can now understand how powerful we are to affect change in our own DNA. We can even affect others’ DNA in a positive way when we don’t even live in the same city because we are connected through Quantum multi-layered consciousness through all time and space.

There is no “distance” between a single cell in the entire Universe or Universes. We could conceivably send healing thoughts, positive sound frequencies or elevated consciousness to our own cells, or to cells that were literally in another solar system with the same powerful effect.

It’s all playing out in Descartes’ Cartesian Theatre, or in Neo’s Matrix if you prefer, but the elemental constructs of you as a person are flexible, pliable, infinitely wise parts of a quantum whole. All is a positive living reality being created moment to moment. So, maybe, just maybe, start acting like the all-powerful being that you truly are.

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