DNA Activation: How it works and why it is so important

DNA Activation: How it works and why it is so important

DNA activation occurs naturally when we are born. Two strands of DNA are activated to give us all the information that we need for our life in earth as humans and descendants of the parents that we chose.

There are other 10 strands of DNA that scientist could not explain, or find a purpose related to the physical body and decided to call them “Junk”.

These 10 strands are our connection to the Divine, our spiritual abilities, the memory of who we really are, how we can communicate to our higher beings.

When we are in our physical form, we chose to seek for this connection or not. This is the highest form of manifestation of the so called “free will”, to either find out who we are or not. We chose to live lives full of purpose or simply follow the system: Go to school, learn what we are told, follow the rules of an organization imposed to us and accept that this is the world that we live in; with certain moments of joy, that are what keeps us going.

For all those who are reading this, you may have chosen the other way, or the way of the truth. Why are you here, what is your main purpose, what is your real nature and who else is listening?

That is a great start. Your way out of the system of the blind is not that difficult as it seems, nor it requires anything other than your clear intention and will. Everything always lines up for you when you are truly searching for God. Feel free to call him Universe, Truth, Sprit, Love, Nature; that really doesn’t make a difference if you are referring to The One.

These extra strands of DNA, contain all the information that allows us to understand the connection with the Divine. Once they are activated, you can continue activating more strands and accessing more information and wisdom. Each strand of DNA is like reading a book, there are millions and millions to choose from and they all have different information.

Let’s start by naming three ways of activating your DNA:

  • By prayer: Asking God directly to please allow you to be of service, and to please let you communicate with him and his higher realms. This is the most powerful way of starting your spiritual path. It doesn’t cost anything, it doesn’t take anything other than your clear intention and fervor. You must really show your love and interest to serve. That is what every single being does in the higher realms. They all serve the common good, there are no individual interests or ego to be had.
  • By answering the call: If you are a being that has already been searching for the truth, in this or other lives; you have the opportunity to remember on your own and pick up where you left off. For this, you will receive a series of messages, events, calls to action; that will put you in that path. Your mission is to answer to those calls. Carefully discerning, there are a lot of scams out there. Be careful and follow your heart, but take action.
  • By DNA pairing: This is the method that we use in the Reprogramming class, and the way that was taught to me, the author. Pairing our DNA by being in presence or listening the words of activation from another being, with active DNA and higher consciousness will begin the activation process of your own DNA.

In the Reprogramming class, we use all three methods. We start our connection with a prayer, answer the call by accepting and wanting to learn the method that God himself revealed to us for our use and benefit; and also pair our DNA to that of the teacher, who has already gone through the three levels of class and has more than 12 total strands of DNA active.

Once we have accomplished this activation, we will go through a series of physical changes that may seem a little uncomfortable to start, but soon after, our body adapts and they are no longer perceptible: Faster heartbeat, buzzing of the ears and on top of the head, dizziness, flu like symptoms, random contacts from people from the past, nightmares, etc. All this goes away and makes you receptive to the new frequencies of the Universe that we will discuss in the next blog, the New Order.

Thank you for reading.

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