How high is your frequency?

How high is your frequency?

With all the talk of raising your vibration it might be helpful to understand how different emotions actually resonate. Most people are surprised for example, that love is not the highest resonating emotion. They are also surprised to learn the fear is not the lowest resonating emotion.

Not only do our emotions affect our physical health, supporting or damaging our cells and organs and even changing how our DNA expresses itself, but our emotions also have a lot to do with our ability to ascend and evolve as spiritual human beings.

Specifically, enlightenment (the ego-less state) resonates at 700-plus hz per second, but how do researchers come up with a number like that? How do they determine that enlightenment resonates (or vibrates) even higher than peace, or love?

You can measure emotional states by brainwave patterns, or by EEG read-outs which determine heart activity. These are both important indictors of someone’s overall ability to ascend, though they are both simply physical feedback loops.

Regardless of all these measurements which are scientifically validated, there are other secrets to our resonant frequency – our ability to evolve spiritually.

We can learn much about this secret world by looking at trees.

The Redwood and Sequoia tress that grow in California, near San Francisco are the tallest trees in the world. Many of these trees easily grow to be 300 feet tall. Among the Redwoods is a tree called the Hyperion, which dwarfs even these trees. It grows to be 379 feet tall (115.7 meters). To put this in perspective, the tree is taller than the Statue of Liberty in New York – which is only 305 feet tall.

The Hyperion wasn’t even discovered among the Redwoods until 2006. These trees also live to be thousands of years old.  The “little” giants among the Hyperion are a bit strange though, not only in their height, but also their incredibly long lifespan when you consider that their roots are extremely shallow.

You would imagine that such tall trees need long, deep, strong roots, but these trees have withstood freezing cold winters, forest fires, and earthquakes. They’ve lived through droughts and floods. They’ve lived through raging winds. Yet, their roots are only five to six-foot deep.

Instead of going deep – the Redwoods and Sequoia trees reach out. They connect to other tree roots in their area and create a network. They cooperate to make their incredibly large stature not only something to bare, but to even thrive as their branches reach ever more into the sunlit sky.

Then, the giant among giants – the Hyperion – is a super-photosynthesizer. You could say it has an “enlightened” way of existing among its peers.

This great height comes with challenges though. Various branches of these redwoods effectively exist in separate ecological niches even though they are part of the same organism.

So, to take these amazing reflections of nature as an example of our own resonant journeys, we can learn several things.

When we are resonating with the vibrations of love, or friendship, we may not be as tall as the Hyperion, but we are among the Redwoods and Sequoias, in the very least.  We are much more likely to reach the enlightened state – a higher frequency than even love or peace.

However, when we drop down into lower vibratory states, we’re like a Redwood tree without the network of other trees to support us. Anger, fear, and shame – the lowest vibratory state, cause us to withdrawal and sink into ourselves. We forget that we are part of a vast network ourselves and connected to all things.

To reach the level of the Redwoods, or even eventually, as we ascend even higher, the Hyperion tree, we should be mindful of our state of consciousness.

As we learn to constructively deal with old, worn-out emotional patterns, and make way for higher vibratory emotions like joy, reason, acceptance, courage, and peace, we are more likely to experience the instantaneous evolution that we’ve often heard of.

Though we can’t ever force enlightenment, we can, like the Hyperion, learn to super-synthesize all the experiences of this earth, and rise above the mundane, lower-level chaos which transpires on another “ecological niche.”


Featured Image: National Geographic, Michael Nicholas

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