How to Build Powerful Cells “The Mighty Mitochondria”

How to Build Powerful Cells “The Mighty Mitochondria”

The chief function of mitochondria in our cells is to provide us with useable energy. Mitochondria may be microscopic (and extremely tiny), but they are the powerhouse of the cell. We can change our mitochondria, just as we can alter our DNA, but science is still trying to figure out exactly how it happens.

A single mitochondrion is merely a 4,000th to 2,000th the size of the head of a pin. These tiny parts of our DNA take glucose (the usable form of sugar) and mix it in a complex chemical process with oxygen inside a cell to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which can be seen like a cell’s currency to spend in the world.

Mitochondrial DNA is inherited from your mother, but it can be changed, as epigenetic research has shown.   Thought the tropic of mitochondrial DNA alteration through epigenetics has been studied for decades, it is still a controversial topic – partly because there are indeed effective ways of changing our mitochondria, but the means by which this occurs, is still not fully understood.

Enter energy healing and alternative medicine. Though we can document mitochondrial changes in our DNA by altering our food intake (making sure we eat plenty of complex carbohydrates and clean protein from plant sources) and also getting aerobic exercise that allows plenty of oxygen into our cells, there are unexplainable methods which alter the mitochondria, thereby changing our ATP production, and energetic capacity.

When our mitochondria are fully “alive,” we have enough cellular currency to spend on everything life requires of us – self-care, professional endeavors, being attentive and present to our romantic partners and friends, handling family matters, and more. When our mitochondrial currency is “spent” it is as if our cellular bank account is empty. This can result in disease, depression, and an overall lack of energy.

Energy medicine has been used by the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Aboriginals, North American and South American Indians, Chinese and dozens of other cultures, yet our modern understanding of energy medicine is in its infancy.

Franz Anton Mesmer used magnets and hypnotherapy to heal his patients in the 1800s and Royal Rife used energy to heal as well, but mainstream, dogmatic science was quick to dismiss their successes. These are more recent examples, but even acupuncture – which has been around since 6000 BC—and other ancient tools are based on the treatment of the energetic body – the chakras, meridians, and etheric body, which modern, Western, allopathic medicine often ignores.

The treatment of the energy body is an even more subtle form which comprises the human being. Even though the mitochondria – 4000 times smaller than the head of a pin – seem to have such a powerful effect on the body – the subtle body has an even greater effect, though the energetic frequency is less dense, and therefore hard to measure by our modern equipment.

Mainstream science has made progress in understanding epigenetic changes in the mitochondria, but a complete understanding will remain limited as long as scientists and physicians keep looking in a microscope for the underlying cause. Methylation patterns are indeed measurable in DNA changes, but these are influenced by energetic changes – vibrational differences – within the cell, and beyond.

Applied vibrational energetics are able to restructure our cells at a higher level of coherence, which is so complex, we have only just begun to understand its ability to heal sickness, lift our spirits, and offer us ample cellular currency.

We are all capable of healing at this extremely high level – of calling in vibrations that would reorganize our subtle bodies, and by default, our physical bodies. We have yet to realize this ability, though.

The Soul Reprogramming Method (SRM), a method that I developed in early 2015 accesses these energetic vibrations (provided by Universal Intelligence) to heal our bodies from the subtle layers of existence, that then trickle down into our physical form. This is energy medicine.

To learn more about how SRM works, you can watch a video explaining the process, here.

To create “mighty” mitochondria, and boost the powerhouse of the cell, you need to get down to the energetic level to see truly amazing results. Our cells don’t understand the difference between metaphysical (energetic) and physical change, and this is how we can most effectively, epigenetically alter these tiny parts of our organism.

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