How to Hack Your Own DNA

How to Hack Your Own DNA

In the recent past it was considered inconceivable that we might be able to hack into our own DNA – to access our genetic code in order to change the parts that we don’t want, or even to “mutate” genes that could result in astounding powers like telekinesis or psychic abilities. Make no mistake, though, governments and Big Industry are in a rush to map genetic sequences so that they can alter them and determine your fate. They’d love to mark criminals or wayward thinkers based simply on a piece of genetic code. There are programs in full force in multiple countries now to do just that. Might you be able to beat the titans of industry and hack your own DNA before they gain full access to your genetic code?


Just last year the U.K. announced plans to sequence the genes of 100,000 citizens by the close of 2017. In the U.S., 50,000 people and counting have already had their DNA sequenced. The plan is to put your most personal data – your DNA – onto massive computers and store the data.


In the future, hotel chains may be able to sequence your DNA so inexpensively that you are granted access to your room simply by reading your DNA from a microscopic piece of skin or a strand of your hair.


In the near future, Doctors won’t need blood tests. They’ll just pull up your genetic code and tell you that your cancer is showing up at the age of 45 because this is when it was “timed” to start according to your genome.


The materialist scientists are hell-bent on solving genetic inconsistencies with nuts and bolts solutions, completely ignorant of the emerging field of epigenetics, including the studies of morphic fields, and our power to change our own DNA through our thoughts, emotions, diet, and even sound and light, along with programs like those offered at Healers of the Light.


The $3 billion Human Genome Project also rushed to prove that the genes comprising human DNA could be mapped – with an expectation that there would be over 100,000 genes, and that they could be spliced and diced for the benefit of future generations. After finding little more than 20,000 genes in us – the same number of genes found in a tiny worm, biologists working on the project were stumped. How could they attempt to cure cancer or halt Alzheimer’s disease if the genetic code was so simple on the hardware side and so complex in its encoding methods?


It’s more than a decade now since scientists mapped our genetic code, and they still haven’t come up with any novel new cures, or ways to make us live forever – but that doesn’t mean we can’t hack our own DNA. We can.


An example of the limited use of genome project’s findings is evident in a method meant to predict heart disease simply by the sequence of our DNA. A medical team lead by Nina P. Paytner tested 101 genes in a study at Bringham Young University and found that even after following 19,000 women for 12 years, it couldn’t predict whether they would have heart disease based simply on their genes. Why?


It’s simple, really. You’re hacking your DNA right now. The choices you make every day determine if your body (DNA) will “code” a certain set of outcomes, or if you will force and entirely different fate based on another set of environmental, social, emotional, and energetic factors. The reason the study couldn’t predict whether women would have heart disease at Bringham Young, is because they failed to consider the other factors which are mutating our DNA every day.


Two women with the exact same DNA sequencing might choose to live differently. One woman exercises, eats organic food, makes it a point to feel gratitude, forgives those who have wronged her, and feels her feelings completely, without pushing them down. She also listens to uplifting music, meditates, does yoga, and even participates in workshops that teach her how to alter her own energetic patterns.


The second woman with the exact same genetic sequence doesn’t exercise. She is depressed, smokes, has few friends, and has no self-care mechanisms in place. She hasn’t learned about the power of changing her mind to change her body, and doesn’t believe in meditation, sound bathing, Qi Gong, or any other “hokey” alternative healing modalities. She holds on to grudges and never releases energy of a “broken heart” after a divorce. She is the one who ends up having heart disease.


You can hack your own DNA. Even with Big Industry’s plans to sequence every single person on the planet, they still haven’t figured out the most powerful method of changing our health – and it rests in our own hands. We can change our DNA.

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