Science Proves that Love Changes Your DNA

Science Proves that Love Changes Your DNA

A just-released, peer-reviewed study is proving what we’ve all suspected for centuries. Love matters. It matters so much in fact, that it alters the structure of our genome, changing our DNA.[1]

The way a mother cares for its mice pups was observed by Ohio-based neurologists. They discovered that when a mother licked, groomed and nursed their babies, a common genome was altered, LINE-1.

A genome is a haploid set of chromosomes in any living thing which contains the complete set of genes or genetic material. Until very recently scientists assumed that the only way to alter a genome was through using “molecular scissors” to either cut out, edit, or engineer a genome.

Researchers measured the amount of time each mouse pup was given these loving gestures by documenting data from their hearts, hippo campus and frontal cortex, as well as counting L1 copies in their genomes. Even pups raised by foster mothers, but that were given ample loving gestures had altered LINE-1 genomes, suggesting, since there is no genetic inheritance at play, that love was the main altering factor of the pups’ genes.

Moreover, pups raised by mice mothers who were stressed and unable to nurse, groom, and love, did not have as many copies of L1 in their hippocampus. L1 genes are implicated in neurological health, as well as cellular protein synthesis messaging. Roughly, L1 genes allow greater neuronal structure and functioning as well as improved synaptic plasticity.

For anyone who believes that these findings won’t’ apply to the human genome, they are mistaken. It only takes a 2.5% alteration of our DNA to turn mice to men.[2]

“What’s fascinating about the paper is the connection between experience, epigenetics, and restructuring of the genome,” says Moshe Szyf, a geneticist at McGill University in Montreal who did not participate in the work. “We usually think about epigenetics changes that don’t change the sequence, but here there was a connection of the maternal care, the change in methylation . . . and then restructuring.”

With this information, so clearly demonstrating the power of care and love on our physical structure, we can begin to use love as a medical tool. If we didn’t receive the love we needed when we were young by primary caregivers, we can still change the way our DNA structures form.

Somatic changes in our DNA are possible in real time. That’s right – the love you give and receive right now will start to change how your genes “mutate” or change.[3]

What scientists have not yet been able to prove, but is nearing scientific validation, is that not only can love change our DNA in real time, it can reach across time and space to heal our progenitors and even our ancestral genes. This is because DNA in its 2-strand form is only the physical portion.

Our DNA is holographic in nature and has much further reaching abilities to communicate with Universal Intelligence. Moreover, time and space are created in the human mind in order to function within a vastness which our limited consciousness cannot fathom.

Even mainstream magazines like Scientific American suggest that at least theoretically, the Universe is one big hologram. Specifically, “A ribosome in a cell in your body is supplied with amino acid building blocks and is powered by energy released by the conversion of ATP to ADP, but it can synthesize no proteins without the information brought to it from the DNA in the cell’s nucleus.”[4]

DNA is the way the Universe connects intelligence to our bodies. It communicates on multiple levels or layers, across many dimensions of time and space.

We can see a glimpse of the implications – the sheer magnitude of DNA’s information capacity – in the field of computer science, particularly quantum computing.[5] DNA’s capacity to hold information with more than just 0s and 1s would mean it could hold the entire length and breadth of information and wisdom in all of human history – what some have called the Akashic record.

This means that any experience – be it of health or disease, happiness and joy or depression, finite or infinite intelligence is available to us. We simply must give the instructions to our body’s DNA. This is why a small mouse pup’s DNA changes when it is loved more completely by its mother. This is also why, when we love ourselves more completely and love others the same, we change the trajectory of life both forward and backward. ALL of time/space is altered with love – including our genome.

This is the type of breaking information we want to share with you at Healers of the Light. We want to inspire you, to remind you of your own power and to help you reprogram your DNA. Please share.


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