Understanding Quantum Surgery

Understanding Quantum Surgery

To understand how quantum surgery works, we first must understand a phenomenon that even Einstein struggled with, called quantum entanglement. This idea was explained in the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know? as well as in a famous, paradoxical experiment called Schrödinger’s cat.

Schrödinger’s cat attempted to describe how quantum particles behave as applied to everyday objects, however, quantum entanglement goes a step further. As Dr. Quantum explains in the cartoon video below, quantum particles behave in a very “spooky” way – which is exactly how Einstein jokingly described a theory which stated that what happens to one particle here, happens to another particle, possibly infinitely distant at exactly the same moment. In the quantum world, these particles are said to be “entangled,” because whatever happens to one, happens to the other. If one is disturbed or observed, then the other particle experiences the very same disturbance or shift.

This applies to quantum healing, of which quantum surgery is a part, because, just as the ancient advanced societies taught us, thought, and intention indeed heal the body – even from an incredible distance. This happens simply because of quantum entanglement, wherein all particles in space time are essentially woven together in one fabric. What affects one person affects another, because we are all connected on the quantum level.

American Indian creation stories attempt to explain quantum entanglement in a more simplified way. In Hopi and Navajo mythology, for example, Spider Woman is credited with creating the entire Universe. There is a story of a young Navajo girl wandering into the desert to find a wisp of smoke coming from a hole in the earth. When she peeks into the hole, she sees Spider Woman (Spider Grandmother) spinning a blanket.

She began spinning this web by singing (chanting) which seems an odd way to make something as vast as a Universe, until we compare this metaphor to the new discoveries in quantum physics, which demonstrate that all manifest reality is merely a vibration (moving energy) in a vast possibility of different vibrations.

Even more interesting to corroborate quantum entanglement are pictures from the Chandra telescope which sees a stars’ energetic emissions, rather than just light in the viewable spectrum. This telescope shows a network of energy, rather than individual stars, proving once again, that all things are connected.

Now that we understand how the invisible, quantum universe works, we can start to grasp how quantum surgery could be so effective. A quantum surgeon simply uses their thought waves as a form of energy to remove an unwanted object, or to repair damaged cells, organs, DNA, etc. within the human form.

This form of “distance healing” has been conducted even in highly classified government experiments. Randomized, double-blind scientific studies have shown distance healing of this kind to be effective but scientists have been unsure how it worked. Intercessory prayer, meditation, and distance healing are all forms of the utilization of this connectedness in consciousness to affect change in manifest or physical reality.

While there are ample studies proving what a change in our own thought patterns can do (with modalities like meditation) to our own bodies, these changes in our thought patterns can also change anything that is quantum-entangled with us – which is essentially the entire holographic universe. This is also the profoundly interesting basis of DNA healing, because the entire human form is contained within each tiny fragment of DNA, holographically, which means any change to one part, will affect the whole.

The fractal-holographic model of Infinite Intelligence supports quantum entanglement, and thereby distance healing, including quantum surgery. In brief, you don’t have to be in a particular city, at a particular hospital, to receive healing by an adept healer. Theoretically, you could be healed from trillions of miles away.

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