What Is Quantum Intelligence and How You Can Use It

What Is Quantum Intelligence and How You Can Use It

I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” – Max Planck, Nobel Laureate, Physics 

We’ve been told thousands of times that we are unlimited beings. But what does that mean? How, specifically, does the Infinite Intelligence that underlies all reality affect us in our daily lives, such that we can become more prosperous, more alive, healthier, happier, and meet every single potential which we have, by chance, pondered in a moment of lazy revelry?

Without understanding Infinite Intelligence – Quantum Intelligence – as it is defined in modern, scientific terms, how can we truly understand our potential and then realize it?

Without an understanding of this greater intelligence, we continue to function as if we are slaves to a mechanical reality – a causative, classical mechanical world view based on size, volume, geometrical form, etc. We continue to hit our heads against the mechanistic brick wall. We are stuck with the genes our parents or grandparents gave us. We are relegated to the same job, relationships, poor-health, and unfulfilled dreams, with no effective means to change.

However, the quantum reality, as constructed by Infinite Intelligence does not give weight to a particle or a point in space. There is no point in space. This translates as such: we are constructing our experience of a holographic field every second. If Yoda felt a disturbance in the “Force,” he was only tapping into Infinite Intelligence, or the quantum nature of reality – a holographic tapestry that we can weave at will.

A disturbance in the “Force” is a wave of consciousness – positive or negative, as we term it, that is large enough to create a massive change. For us personally, this works no differently than it would work for the inhabitants of the world, globally. For us to disturb the fabric as it is currently woven, we would have to pull out several threads of consciousness and chose another color to weave back into the quantum field. When we do this – when we learn to work with our free will, within the programmed reality that is upheld by Infinite Intelligence, we can simply choose another experience as easily as hanging a new tapestry on our wall.

In fact, the “particle” does not exist, except as a construct of the mind.

The closest thing to explaining this phenomenon that science has been able to provide is the double-slit experiment. Reality is created when there is a force (observation or consciousness) which creates interference patterns that manifest as reality. Light itself is dual in nature. It has discrete particles (as observed) but also a wave form, which we can see in nature like ripples of water undulating over the surface of a lake when a pebble is thrown in, or a drop of rain falls on an undisturbed surface.

Instead, we erroneously believe (through programming) that consciousness or mind is in the brain or in the body, but it pervades all things which we can see, and even the space which we don’t have a way to see or even measure with our most advanced scientific equipment. So, our experience of the fractal, holographic, all pervading reality is directly connected to our observation and conscious manipulation of it. This is “free will” as it has been explained in countless religions.

Our thoughts are like the ripples on the surface of the water. They can create the reality of disease and poverty, or the reality of abundance, great health, fulfilling relationships, etc.

As Claude N. Coehn-Tannoudji, the Nobel Prize winner of Physics in 1997 has said, “The mathematics of quantum mechanics is straightforward, but making the connection between the mathematics and an intuitive picture of the physical world is very hard.”

When Nikola Tesla the great inventor responsible for rediscovering zero point energy and who happened to be greatly influenced by the Vedas said: “Every living being is a wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance” – he wasn’t telling us that we are incapable of altering reality. He was indicating that we are part of the great fabric of fractal experience, and that our thoughts affect the waves of “particles” which then manifest as things.

As I introduce you to DNA reprogramming, you are choosing to upgrade your DNA into a state which has always existed, and was never formed. “Traces” of a different state of being are accessed, only because your consciousness allows it. Shamanism and quantum physics meet here.

Only, instead of travelling to see a wise-man or woman in the depths of an Amazonian jungle, who can help create an atmosphere during a ritual that evokes such powerful states of belief in the mind of an ill patient that their bodies gain enough energy to remove illness, she uses her own elevated conscious awareness to help you understand your own energy, capable of removing any disease, and finding your true life’s purpose. The exact same thing happens in a lab when quantum scientists look at particles. Their “state” is changed when they are observed.

As LaoTzu once said, “The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” This ability frees you from a mechanistic view, and allows your participation in Infinite Intelligence – which can create all things.



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