What Programs Are Running In Your DNA?

What Programs Are Running In Your DNA?

The comparisons between our DNA and a software program have been made by Silicon Valley visionaries, and ancient Shaman, alike. The terms that we use to describe the software may differ, but the uncanny reaction of our genetic code to respond to the programmer’s “message” is without a doubt, an impetus for creating life and the way we experience life as a biological, conscious form. A consistently Infinite Intelligence is at the helm, but we have an incredible level of choice when it comes to which programs we want to run within our DNA.

If we were merely the result of chaos – by definition, something that happens randomly, and without purpose – then we wouldn’t be able to edit the foundation of our creation. Our “code” or the programs which run us are at least 14 billion years old, and arguably formed with an intelligence which far exceeds our own, but we can still change the programs (encoded intelligence) we run?

In geneticist Juan Enriquez’s TED Talk he describes an Apple as an “executable” – meaning it follows a certain set of instructions from the top down to execute as a form we are all familiar with. Specifically, when an apple receives enough energy from the sun, it executes and is dropped from the tree.

If even a single line of code is altered, the “executable” result would be very different. Possibly we’d have an orange, or maybe not even a piece of fruit.

It is no different than HTML code we might use to program a computer, only biological life uses a set of proteins – A, C, T and G to communicate the instructions. Anyone who has tried computer programming understands how detailed and thorough instructions must be to obtain a specific result.

Geneticists are merely programmers, not God (Infinite Intelligence). They mistakenly believe that they are creating life but they are not, they are simply turning instructions on and off. Maybe inserting a virus here and there. As visionary Graham Hancock has explained, the implications of this are profound. If our DNA is code, and can be altered in infinite ways, who was the original programmer? Scientists, even geneticists, gloss over this important question all the time.

We’re told that somehow chemical molecules just magically became “alive,” but no one has ever found the foundation of life. Even the most advanced genetic tinkering simply copies and pastes (yes, another computer reference). It does not CREATE. The essence of what makes us conscious beings is still a mystery, though ancient mystical traditions have tried to explain the rules by which we must live to utilize this astounding Intelligence for our highest benefit.

The amazing thing is that we are given free will to choose our programs in an infinite array of possibilities.  We do this in microseconds. Every cell in our body is choosing how to express its genetic blueprints with epigenetic influence from our environment, whether we choose to eat well, exercise, be kind to ourselves and others, etc. These factors call some gene sequences to trigger, and others to remain dormant. This is why someone can have the genetic blueprint for cancer in their cells, but never express it as a living organism.

Even more fascinating is that our genes, themselves contain their own language. Consciousness or the Great Intelligence encoded our code with meaning. Astronomer Fred Hoyle once said that trying to call our DNA “chance” is akin to a tornado going through a junk yard and assembling an aircraft.

An incredible intelligence has assimilated the perfect parts to allow you to breathe, your heart to pump, your digestive system to assimilate nutrients from food and get rid of waste. It has allowed you to form hands and feet, and a mind that processes information from outside its form. When we work with this Intelligence, we can restore the blueprints we choose – those which carry instructions to our cells to align in a harmonious, healthy, joy-filled biological life form.

We may not have the secret to life – the essence or Creative Consciousness which allows this Universe and everything in it to be, but we do have the ability to alter our DNA. We can trigger a gene sequence with our thoughts, our actions, and our awareness that we are our own geneticists.

You are no different than the apple. If the program that is executing isn’t for a Granny Smith or a Golden Delicious, you can change it so that you execute a different variety. If your apple is running a code to be filled with worms, and taste mealy, change the code so that it is perfectly crisp and deliciously sweet. For the program to execute differently, you simply need to send different proteins and encoded chemical messages to your cells. The beauty of Our Infinite Intelligence, our Creator, is that we were given the ability to choose our reality. This is no spiritual platitude, but the truth of reality. Our DNA can be altered. What programs are you running? Once you discover them you can change them.

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