Proving the Rationalists Wrong: Quantum Healing is ALL of Healing

Proving the Rationalists Wrong: Quantum Healing is ALL of Healing

Trying to keep the mind in the brain is big business. This is a flawed assumption, and a miserably failed experiment conducted by a Canadian neurosurgeon, Wilder Penfield, and others since, who opened the brains of patients during surgery to try to prove that consciousness resides there – and only there – in the grey lump flesh of between our ears. But the mind cannot be confined to the brain, and this is why all healing is quantum healing.

The Western medical model makes trillions selling pharmaceutical drugs to modify or alter the brain, but these are essentially psychotic drugs which do little more than cause a “belief” that one will suffer less. In fact, the placebo, or belief that something will work, often works better than the drug itself, as has been proven many times over in clinical trials.

One may wonder how so many drugs, proven to be no more effective than a placebo could be approved by the US FDA and other international bodies of drug oversight. The millions that are addicted to pain killers and antidepressants (by design) might assert that they need such drugs to function – to have a pleasant, productive life. However, the FDA’s criteria for approving these drugs contains a glaring loophole.

A drug can be put to trial an infinite number of times in order to get a “positive” result. Negative results are then tossed out. All the FDA cares about is a statistically significant difference between a drug’s efficacy and the placebo’s efficacy.

A specific example of this malarkey can be seen in the FDA’s approval of a drug called vilazodone, used for those who suffer from clinical depression. In the first five trials of this drug there was no statistically measurable difference on any measure of depression found – meaning the drug didn’t work. Yet the company conducted two more clinical trials to finally document a tiny difference (1.70 points on the HAM-D scale, with a drug-placebo difference across all seven studies of merely 1.01 HAM-D points) which allowed the drug to receive the FDA’s approval in less than eight weeks of “double-blind, placebo-controlled” drug trials. Never mind that the drug causes diarrhea, nausea, dry mouth, headaches, dizziness, and possibly exacerbates patients’ anxiety.  To date the company responsible for creating this drug looks to expand its use to those with generalized anxiety disorder.

Compare this to what we know thus far about Quantum Healing. The double slit experiment conducted in the 1900s verified that our minds create reality – but not the brain. Our mind, meaning an interaction of our consciousness with the non-local consciousness of the Entire Universe. Dean Radin confirmed this with his own experiments to find that, indeed, interference patterns are created when matter (atoms and neutrons) are affected by conscious, focused observation or attention.

Our minds (consciousness) are merely a projector. The body can be seen as the movie screen – a holographic projection of this consciousness. This means that electrons will organize according to our beliefs. In the case of “miracles” or extra-ordinary, spontaneous healing, the consciousness of someone suffering from a disease has been altered, either directly by their own change of beliefs, or by enough people within the field of consciousness altering their thoughts, to change the interference pattern – to alter the quantum fabric of reality. Whatever an observer (you) believe, is what the quantum field will deliver.

The human mind has a blueprint of the human body within it – but it is only a blueprint. You could think of it as the possibility for building a structure before hammer and nails have ever been used, and before a foundation has been poured were you comparing this process to physical architecture.

When the body needs to rebuild because it has decayed or become sick, it oscillates between energy (formlessness) and particle (it happens innumerable times in a second). You could say that we are appearing and disappearing into different “forms’ of either sickness or health, according to our thoughts. We have total control over our state of health via the energy field created in the very next moment.

This is also why meditation and quiet introspection have immense therapeutic value. They affect our level of conscious vibration – the interference patterns we are able to make within the quantum field – to thereby affect change in our bodies. When we are tranquil and happy, the field reorganizes at a higher level of order, leaving behind the chaos of illness. We simply choose a different set of blueprints in order to build our mansion, instead of a dilapidated shack.

Should we believe that we need yet another pharmaceutical drug to heal, then this will become our reality. The quantum field is affected as such. However, now that we know opiate receptors exist outside the brain, and consciousness pervades ALL the Universe, we can simply elevate our consciousness to a level where we access an insight or state of being that invokes healing. The FDA and its “statistical significance” could never compare with this monumental power we each hold within our consciousness.

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