Why Attempting to Heal the Physical First is a Big Mistake

Why Attempting to Heal the Physical First is a Big Mistake

n Western forms of medicine, the physical form is dissected, looked at through a microscope, picked apart, and drugged, yet true healing is often ephemeral. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it doesn’t. Is there a reason that modern medicine often fails? If so, why?

Though Western medicine can indeed aid in healing, it usually fails because it looks at the physical symptoms a person displays, first. After the symptoms are charted, a doctor will then prescribe some form of “medicine” that intends to manipulate the body on the cellular level. Sometimes these medicines work temporarily, but most often they simply mask the symptoms of a disease. A true healing doesn’t take place until much deeper aspects of the Self are nurtured and healed.

The first reason Western medicine is often unsuccessful is that it believes the body is a mechanistic, soul-less machine. This could be farther from the truth. We are, after all, spirit beings having a physical experience. If our soul or spirit is at odds with the Universal Wisdom which created them, then disease will follow. This is not a punishment by the intelligence of the Universe, but can be seen as a law which gently urges us back into alignment with Greater Wisdom.

While medicine is reaching a little further past the physical form, as evidenced in the research of George Engel, a leading advocate of general systems theory, and who promotes of a new medical model which includes the general quality of life, a clean environment, and psychological, or spiritual stability of life, even this model still fails to understand the human being as a whole.  While we are indeed biopsychosocial beings – we are essentially Divine Energy.

The second reason modern medicine often fails, is that it neglects to acknowledge the energy or etheric body. Even modern physicists understand that we are part of a vast, vibrating sea of energy which the ancients called many things, but that modern scientists call the Quantum Field.

Many traditions reference this “subtle body.” The Taoists called it the Diamond Body. The Tibetan Buddhists call it the Body of Bliss, or Rainbow Body.  Sufis call it The Most Sacred Body.

If we went by the titles given to this body alone, we can observe that it isn’t something to dismiss. The subtle body governs everything. Only when we heal the subtle body can we affect permanent physical change, and realize abundant physical, and emotional health.

Most interesting is the fact that the subtle body does not usually respond to the healing modalities of modern medicine. It does not respond to surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, pharmaceutical pills, etc. The subtle body is not physical and therefore it must be healed from a non-physical plane.

Some have compared the subtle body to an etheric double helix, like our DNA. Within the helix heaven and earth are joined – our Divine Wisdom can then “cure” what ails us on the earthly realms. This invisible world has great power over us. So, while we continually look at our blood, bones, and organs under a microscope, we forget that there is a larger, subtler, more powerful aspect of our Selves which needs to be given respite.

Though the subtle body can be supported with good food, clean air, positive emotions, etc. (all physical forms) energetic medicine usually has a much more profound affect upon the subtle body. This is also why a physical ailment is really a call to look more closely at our spiritual journey. Inevitably all physical pain is our Divine Self calling us back to our spiritual path. Not many traditional, Western trained doctors can tell us why our spirit is ailing. They often won’t even acknowledge that this is the cause of our back pain, our cancer, our diabetes, our heart disease, our depression, or any other health trouble we are experiencing.

When we are in the midst of a physical or emotional crisis sometimes we may need a band-aide to help us get through the day. Western medicine can provide this temporary aide. However, if we seek long-term, true healing, we must check in with the subtle self – the Diamond Body, the Rainbow Soul which houses our own personal, deeper spiritual wisdom. It is from this place that long-lasting healing will truly occur.

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